In , the anti-Fascist activists Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli, placed under house arrest on the Italian island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free. Download, Total Views, Stock, ∞. File Size, KB. File Type, pdf. Create Date, Wednesday December 7th, Last Updated. Among the activities promoted by the Committee, there was the translation of the Ventotene Manifesto in all EU languages (missing so the.

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Subsequently, in fact, totalitarian regimes consolidated the position of the various social categories at the levels they had gradually achieved. The principle of non intervention turned out to be absurd: With a view to indicating the content of this principle in greater detail, we emphasize the following points while stressing the need to mankfesto the appropriateness of every point in the programme and means of achieving them in relationship to the indispensable premise of European maniffesto.

The forces that oppose them have, on the other hand, already survived the worst and their strength is increasing.

The Ventotene Manifesto – English – Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli

The regime based on castes is reborn from its own ashes, as bullying as it was before. At the very moment when the greatest decisiveness and boldness is needed, democrats lose their way, not having the backing of spontaneous popular approval, but rather a gloomy tumult of passions.

This attitude makes the Communists, during revolutionary crises, more efficient than the democrats. Among the activities promoted by the Committee, there was the translation of the Ventotene Manifesto in all EU languages missing so the translation into Croatian, as Croatia came later. It is, therefore, fairly easy to channel them and their more shortsighted leaders towards the reconstruction of the States destroyed in the storm.

Completed in Junethe Manifesto was circulated within the Italian Resistanceand it soon became the programme of the Movimento Federalista Europeo. They give their adversaries the weapons they need to overthrow them.

In Rome, the 27 EU leaders gathered together to re-start the EU project after a few troublesome years.

Huge masses of men and wealth are already drawn up against totalitarian powers whose strength has already reached its peak and can now only gradually consume itself. All matters which would find easy solutions in the European Federation, just as corresponding problems, suffered by the small States which became part of a vaster national unity, lost their harshness as they were turned into problems of relationships between various provinces.

Among the various proletarian tendencies, followers of manifestp politics and collectivist ideals, the Communists have recognized the difficulty of obtaining a sufficient following to assure victory so that, unlike the other popular parties, they have turned themselves into a rigidly disciplined movement, exploiting the Russian myth in order to organize the workers, but which does not accept orders from them and uses them in all kinds of political manoeuvrings.

Thus they will be able to latch on to what is, by far the most widespread of popular feelings, so deeply offended by recent events and so manifesfo manipulated to reactionary ends: Publications of the Italian Movement for the European Federation. Any movement centotene fails in its duty to ally these forces, is condemned to sterility.


European unity Germany’s defeat would not automatically lead to the maniifesto of Europe in accordance with our ideal of civilization. During revolutionary times, when institutions are not simply to be administered but created, democratic procedures fail miserably. The Ventotene Manifesto — Estonian Human solidarity towards those who fall in the economic struggle ought not, therefore, to be manifested with humiliating forms of charity that produce the very same evils they seek to remedy but ought to consist in a series of measures which unconditionally, and regardless of whether a person is able to work or not, guarantee a decent standard of living for all without lessening the stimulus to work and save.

Rational solutions must replace irrational ones, even in the working class consciousness.

The nation Centotene, in fact, have so deeply planned their mxnifesto economies, that the main question would soon be which group of economic interests, i. It must therefore be made up of men who agree on the main issues for the future.

But with this ideology came the seeds of capitalist imperialism which our own generation has seen mushroom to the point where totalitarian States have grown up and world wars have been unleashed. It must be taken into account that these dynasties, by considering the various countries as their own traditional appanage, together with the powerful interests backing them, represented a serious obstacle to the rational organization of the United States of Europe, which can only be based on the republican constitution of federated countries.

In more specifically economic matters, they would become bodies for the accumulation of power and privilege among the categories with the strongest trade union representation. The question which must be resolved first, failing which progress is no more than mere appearance, is the definitive abolition of the division of Europe into national, sovereign States.

In particular, State schools ought to provide a real chance for those who deserve mmanifesto to continue their studies to the highest level, instead of restricting these opportunities to wealthy students.

This consolidated the existence of a thoroughly parasitic class of absentee landowners and rentiers who contribute to social productivity only by cutting the coupons off their bonds. The pitiful impotence of democrats in the Russian, German, Spanish revolutions are the ventotfne most recent examples. The huge forces of progress that spring from individual interests, must not vemtotene extinguished by vventotene grey dullness of routine.

Ventotene Manifesto – Wikipedia

Since it will manifesro the moment for new action, it will also be the moment for new men: The Ventotene Manifesto — Spanish The Ventotene Manifesto — Gaelic After triumphing in a series of countries, this reactionary, totalitarian civilization, has mankfesto found in Nazi Germany the power considered strong enough to take the last step.

Where improvements are made vrntotene this economic regime, they are always solely dictated by military needs which have merged with the reactionary aspirations of the privileged classes in giving rise to and consolidating totalitarian States.


Generals would again command, the monopoly holders would again draw profits from autarchies, the bureaucracy ventofene continue to swell, the priests would keep the masses docile.

The shadows of obscurantism once more threaten to suffocate the human spirit. In others words an economic regime has substantially been preserved in which material resources and labour, which ought to be directed to the satisfaction of fundamental needs for the development of essential human energies, are instead channelled towards the satisfaction of the most futile wishes of those capable mankfesto paying the highest prices.

The Manifesto called for a federation of Europe and the world. In this field, nationalization must certainly be introduced on a vast scale, without regard for acquired rights. This threatened to dissolve the State into countless economic fiefdoms, each manifezto opposed to the others. Many of those who were ingenuously attracted by the myth of corporativism, can and should be attracted by the job of renewing structures. The Ventotene Manifesto — Belgian 3.

The time has now come to get rid of these old cumbersome burdens and to be ready for whatever turns majifesto, usually so different from what was expected, to get rid of the inept among the old and create new energies among the young.

Their crowning dream is a constituent assembly, elected by the broadest suffrage, which scrupulously respects the rights of the electors, who must decide upon the constitution they want.

They will have before them parties and factions that have already been disqualified by the disastrous experience of the last twenty years.

They will certainly be the most dangerous force to be faced. They think it their duty to ventoteene a consensus and they represent themselves as exhortatory preachers, where instead there is a need for leaders who know just what they want. But this spiritual freedom has not survived the crisis created by totalitarian States.

The Ventotene Manifesto – English

They do not want manifeto force the hand of “history”, or “the people”, or “the proletariat”, or whatever other name they give their God. But all monopolistic tendencies can be fought effectively once these social changes have been fulfilled. As a consequence of this, from being the guardian of citizens’ freedom, the State has been turned into a master of vassals bound into servitude, and has all the powers it needs to achieve the maximum war-efficiency.

The revolutionary party, on the contrary, knows that only at this stage will it its real work begin. It is an economic regime in which, through the right of inheritance, the power of money is perpetuated in the same class, and is transformed into a privilege that in no way corresponds to the social value of the services actually rendered.