Once upon a time the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with. NALINI SINGH New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author. Nalini Singh loves writing paranormal romances. Currently working on two ongoing series. Have you read LORD OF THE ABYSS? I wrote it as part of a series with three other authors, but it stands fully alone too, if you just want to ready.

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Cruelty was no stranger to her, not after having grown up with the Blood Sorcerer for a father. Jul 13, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: Writing is pretty good. Relief had her smiling in tremulous hope. View all 15 comments. There is a lineage of blood that ties mother to child, a lineage that can loed be broken.

I loved everything about it!

The world that Nalini Singh created in this installment of the series was awesome. And much to my singg, there was little interaction between these siblings who are seeing each other for the first time in twenty years.

Our heroine is Liliana, the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer. Liliana is no beauty, with her hooked nose, closely set eyes, matted black hair, pear-shaped body and limp. Hunger won and it darted to grab the abyyss from her grasp. She intrigues him and soon, this intrigue turns into attraction despite her uncomely looks.


She had meant to slip unnoticed into his household, learn all she could about him before attempting to speak the truth of his past. He did have ears, but the large protrusions stuck up far too high on the sides of his head.

Lord of the Abyss – Nalini Singh :: NYT bestselling author

Their moments together were tender, loving, and sensual. View all 39 comments. Singh, I’m terribly sorry for doubting you, I promise it won’t happen again. It was sweet and in many ways light, and I really loved the characters. Liliana has her father’s face hook nose, small lrd and walks in a kind of a limp due to one of her legs being longer than the other. It is slightly erotic, with pathos and some good chuckles.

For the monster would punish him. Singh, she’s my favorite author and I have a surprisingly large number of her books on my favorites shelf.

Nalini Singh on Micah, the Lord of the Abyss… | Harlequin Blog

Currently working on two ongoing series, she also has a passion for travel ,ord has been to places as far afield as Tahiti, Japan, Ireland and Scotland. Sorry, irrelevant here, moving on.

Trying desperately to close her hand into a fist, she attempted to push herself up onto her knees, unwilling to meet him at such a disadvantage.

This was my first Nalini Singh, and her writing suits me perfectly—succinct without being overly simple, impactful without overdoing things. Micah is hands-down my favorite character.


Desert Isle Keeper

Both tortured xingh pasts very different from one another are yet so very much alike in their single mindedness and honor, and they will olrd the right thing regardless of the cost to themselves.

But you must not cry. The monster clearly needed to take lessons from her father in abysa to make it a filthy pit full of screams and endless despair. On the other hand, an asshole acts selfishly despite being aware of his actions. My favourite character was Jessa the Brownie; she was a sweet singu endearing character. It’s so similar to a few other books I’ve loved see my review of Master of Crows http: I will definitely be checking out more books in the series, they are written by different authors but I think this may give a different angle to each book, plus each book is written about the different members of the Royal Family so it will be interesting to see things from their point of view.

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It’s hard to see as this What’d happened if the daughter of a ghe Blood Sorcerer falls in love with a man whose parants is killed by her own father?