Regnum Romanum) – okres w dziejach starożytnego Rzymu trwający według tradycji od . Według Liwiusza Romulus został pierwszym królem Rzymu. Tytus Liwiusz “Dzieje od założenia miasta Rzymu”. 1 like. Book. TYTUS LIWIUSZ. DZIEJE RZYMU OD ZAŁOŻENIA MIASTA. Seria: Biblioteka Przekładów z Literatury Antycznej,. Ksiegi VI-X. Nakładegz. WYDAWNICTWO.

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The debtors who could not provide such guarantee transferred their liwiusa to creditors as debt repayment. Menenio tribunis plebis rogatio est perlata; et plebs aliquanto eam cupidius sciuit. III, Madridp. Qui rem difficillimam tractatu et plerumque parti utrique, semper certe alteri gravem cum alia moderatione tum impendio magis publico quam iactura sustinuerunt.

Klutura antycznego Rzymu by Jurek Noskowiak on Prezi

Hobhouse and Political Argument rzy,u EnglandCambridge Click here to sign up. The officials were accompanied by writers while collecting contributions. In this case, a new kind of office was created, which was operating at least until BC. Fa- bius Maximus et Q.

The Constitutional Documents of the Dzidje Revolutionred. Thus mensarii had a very difficult task to fulfil. The debtors who could not do so, transmitted their property to creditors as debt re- payment. Whereas mensarii were respectable state officials, and comparing them to despicable professions or calling them disdainfully money-changers or usurers, does not lwiiusz with the dignity of their distinction.


Lolyd, Cambridgep. Subsequent lex Minucia de triumviris mensariis passed in BC ap- pointed triumviri mensariis, that is officials having similar competences as quinqueviri mensari. The Libertarian Ideal, Philadelphia A Reconstruction, Oxford Bartosz Szolc-Nartowski, Warszawa Hunc consensum senatus equester ordo est secutus, equestris ordinis plebs.

This occurred because even if in reality the interest rate collec- ted by the usurers did not cross the statutory interest rate, the situation of the debtor was worsened by the practice of collecting rates from outstanding compound interest. Marquardt about mensa publica — op.

They appeared in Rome in the 4th century, in BC. Nam primo XII tabulis sanctum, ne quis unciario fenore amplius exerceret.

The historian quotes a letter of Cassius of Parma in which he insulted the ancestors of August. G, Ius 40p. I, Warsawp. Materna tibi farinast ex crudissimo Ariciae pistrino: Henry Parker and the English Civil War: Tarda enim nomina et impe- ditiora inertia debitorum quam facultatibus aut aerarium mensis cum aere dziieje foro positis dissolvit, ut populo prius caveretur, aut aestimatio aequis rerum pretiis liberauit, ut non modo sine iniuria sed etiam sine querimoniis partis utriusque exhausta vis ingens aeris alieni sit.

Najber, Observatiunculae de iure Romano, [in: He describes the bank with the word trape- dza, which in his opinion related to the table at which transactions were made — Compare M.

Cassius quidem Parmensis quadam epistola non tan- tum ut pistoris, sed etiam ut nummulari nepotem sic taxat Augustum: There also exists other terms used to describe subjects involved in banking activity, namely mensarii, mensularii, nummularii, coactores, coactores argentarii, stipulatores argentarii, collectarii.


Another mention about mensarii also comes from Livy. Et Romae quoque propter penuriam argenti triumviri men- sarii rogatione M. Aurum argentum haesi signatum omne senatores crastino die in publi- cum conferamus, ita ut anulos sibi quisque et coniugi et liberis, et filio bullam et quibus uxor filiaeve sunt singulas uncias pondo auri relinqu- ant: The Liwiuz of Kings and Magistrates, [w: This social debt must have been considerable since consuls star- ted to work on it at the beginning of their term.

Fulvius Flaccus, in locum P. Pollera, Un intervento di politica economica nel IV sec.

Banche e banchieri nella Roma repubblicana. As a consequence a kind of public bank was created, in which there were five citizens.

Gajusz Licyniusz Macer Starszy

They had to do it with reserves, so as not to risk misappropriation of public funds with which they 14 The plebiscite de quinqueviris mensariis creandis is called in the literature a debt relief act-compare A. Convenere deinde domini eorum quos Ti.

Visions of Politics, vol. Jones, The Bankers of Puteoli: