Riviste magiche · Conferenze · Teoria-storia-business · Libri in Italiano · Download · Corsi di Magia · CARTOMAGIA.. Magia con le carte · Mazzi di carte. LIBRI IN LINGUA ORIGINALE · LA TUA VIDEOTECA. Novità. Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. Ceriani – Libro. 17,00 €. La strada maestra alla cartomagia on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher, Troll Libri. Language, Italian. Package Dimensions, x.

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Rich uses this one in his working ac.

You will learn three wonderful routines, complete with all of the subtle elements that will transform your Matrix into a miracle. Well, it was down to space issues! The last two years have been really creative ones for me and the result is Article It is then cleanly removed and when turned over, a large nail is found welded to the back. By performing a ‘magic trick’, they will identify members of the civilian population who carry the dormant Zombie Gene.

Your spectator gets the chance to become a Real Vampire Slayer, just like Buffy!

Ask you friend if they can see the lawn sprinklers in front of Jefferson’s Monument. The response to Gold Dust in was and is truly overwhelming.

Last items in stock. You are going to love this and your spectators are going to ask themselves HOW is it done We are a studio, and our goal is to spread cardistry through multiple artistic elements that complement it. We wanted to pay homage through different art forms that embrace. The deck sports a blue, green and blue colorway, with both the Kiwi bird and fruit prominently featured. This series will focus on several historical events where life and death was a major factor. Well, it was down to space issues!


This is the very best of Paul’s thirty-five y. Well, I know I said Quidnunc was to be my last book, but I just couldn’t help myself! Exuberance Playing Cards Recurrent dreams bring to light deep and unsettled conflicts at the confluence of the real and the imaginary portions of our lives.

Cartomahia a unique take on the Svengali deck, allowing you to so much more kibri amaze! Finding the unfamiliar in the familiar and the familiar in t.

La strada maestra alla cartomagia

Cups and balls is probably the oldest magic trick that we have come to know. Micro is a specially printed gimmick that allows you to visually and instantly change a full-size playing card into a mini card which can be shown on both sides. From the makers of the Unrest Series of playing cards comes a new exciting series based on life and death.

Stitched pages, gold foil embossed with attractive head and tail bands. Proseguendo, ne acconsenti l’utilizzo! Imagine making all three coins disappear in front of the spectator’s eyes. Kiwi Playing Cards is a delightful deck inspired the cute creatures native to New Zealand. An important step-by-step guide on how to maximize your image through social media and improve your business! Two different people select cards, and these are mixed into a regular poker-sized deck.

If you have ever wanted to do a hyper visual Matrix with 4 different objects, download this today! Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. Chained is a truly magical effect.

Next, a flame is lifted out of its lighter with naked fingers to light the cigarette. In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator libgi focus on the name of someone close to them. The magician shows a card that has a small hole lobri in it. Visualizzati su articoli. Paul Harris creates a hyper-personal astonishment with a standard campaign-type button Magia per bambini e palloncini Comedy Giocoleria Escapologia Illusioni e piani di costruzione Palco e salotto Magia con foulards Magia gospel e religiosa.


Libru designed for promotional purposes only, the Run Playing Cards: There is a Zombie epidemic ravaging the planet, and magicians have been enlisted to combat the threat.

The Tommy Pad is without question one of the most innocent looking impression pads available for the close up and cabaret performer. Imagine making a coin disappear with a snap of the fingers. We received hundreds of letters and emails asking why we didn’t include this trick or cartoagia trick. It is just a little straw doll.

libri di magia in PDF… – Da Che Pulpito?

He’s an internationally acclaimed magician performing all over the world in places like Taiwan, the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. Each Warlock Wand measures approximately 13 inches and are handmade from wood and resin. It was created by Mattia Santangelo and designed by An.

Encased in a black tuck adorned with crimson foil and a side opening, Run Playing Cards: Take a piece of paper and fold it. Paul Harris Presents Haunted 2. Show the spectator a card with a picture of a vampire sleeping in his coffin.

The opening effect is the appearance of a filled wine glass. Cartokagia 5, decks made. This high-quality silk is perfect for all kinds of magic routines.