Inspeksi Visual Asam Asetat (IVA) untuk Deteksi Dini Lesi Prakanker Serviks. Provided by: Diponegoro University Institutional Repository | Publisher: Fakultas . GAMBARAN PEMERIKSAAN INSPEKSI VISUAL ASETAT SEBAGAI DETEKSI LESI PRAKANKER SERVIKS PADA WANITA PEKERJA SEKSUAL TIDAK. Pap SmearPap Smear Pemeriksaan sitologi eksfoliatif dari epitel serviks untuk mendeteksi lesi prakanker secara dini; 8. PAP SMEARPAP.

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Servikz is important to know the sensitivity and specificity of VIA for early detection of cervical precancer lesion.

This study aimed to determine the relationship between the incidence of sexually transmitted infections with cervical precancerous lesions on housewife in Sangkrah health center, Surakarta Methods: Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages.

Inspeksi Visual Asam Asetat (IVA) untuk Deteksi Dini Lesi Prakanker Serviks – Neliti

Kariadi hospital and seventy five subjects came from Indonesian Cancer Foundation Semarang. From the results of these data revealed that there was no relationship between the incidence of sexually transmitted infections with pre-cancerous cervical lesions housewife in Surakarta but clinically meaningless to pose the risk of precancerous cervical lesions.


Data analysis using chi-square method. Visual acetic acid inspection IVA for early cervix pre cancer pgakanker detectionBackground: In this study, researchers took a sample size of 53 samples.

Where is a sexually transmitted infection is gonorrhea, candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. Sexually transmitted infections is one of the risk factors for pre-cancerous cervical lesions.

Fortyfive subjects came from Gynecology and fertility clinic at Dr. From all of these examination parkanker sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value were calculated by 2×2 tabel.

There is no relationship between the incidence of sexually transmitted infections Gonorrhoea, Candidiasis, and Bacterial Vaginosis with pre-cancerous cervical lesions on housewife in Sangkrah Health Center Surakarta.

This study was a descriptive cross sectional analytic approach that was conducted in June-August in Sangkrah health center, Surakarta. This study shows the value of relationship to STI: Title Abstract Author Affiliation.

A hundred and twenty subjects who fullfilled inclution criteria had Pap test, VIA and four quadrant biopsy. Visual inspection with acetic acid has high sensitivity for early detection of cervical precancer lesion.


Biopsy result was considered as gold standard. Nexus Kedokteran Komunitas Vol 2, No 2 Based on biopsy result there were 32 cases View original from ptakanker.

Research carried out by filling out the questionnaire, followed by a visual inspection test checks acetic acid VIA and the examination of sexually transmitted infections. Sampling was done by purposive sampling technique.

In WHO and had recommended an alternative approach, the servika staging concept of cervical Malignancy with visual inspection with acetic acid VIA for developing countries. Displastic cervical epithelial cells will make an acethowhite appearance with VIA.

The housewife is a group of women who are at risk for sexually transmitted infections.