The New York Times bestselling story of a friendship frozen between life and death. Lia and Cassie are best friends, wintergirls frozen in fragile bodies. WINTERGIRLS is very painful to read and very, very powerful. It is not for the faint of heart, but fans of Laurie Halse Anderson may find it hard to resist. Teens will. “Wintergirls,” Laurie Halse Anderson’s new novel, takes us into this dark, tyrannical world through the experience of Lia, the year-old.

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This book could save someone Although people think that Lia might be a bad role model, Elijah and Cassie especially, they show the struggles of an average teen in this generation.

They are Lia and Cassie. Anderson notes that she interviewed clinicians and visited pro anorexia websites during her research. Readers will both identify with Lia, but we’re kept detached enough to see that what she’s doing isn’t heroic, but self-destructive.

When lahrie eating disorders spiral out of control and repeated stays in treatment centers don’t help, Lia finally distances herself from Cassie. We both know the only time I become anorexic is after I’ve eaten to my gluttonous content and then eaten some more just to convince myself that I shouldn’t eat some more. They made everything in a realistic book seem kind of fake, and sometimes when Lia was hallucinating it was hard to know right away that that was what was going on.

Some boys are vulgar when Cassie develops breasts in fifth grade and refer to “jugs” and “hooters. If that became more commonly known I think eating disorders would be treated more seriously. Could she have saved her if she answered the phone? I know how this story ends though, since I read the last pages and it actually surprised m I did not finish this book. Cassie is wasted when she dies. The pact leads to two admissions to the hospital for Lia and she’s slowly on the way to a third.


Winterggirls it out for loads about my writing process and my books: Out of all your books which was the most difficult to write?


It may not be an original piece, as these tricks have been anderskn before in teen fiction. There are characters in many books that, for whatever reason, are not likeable.

Common Sense Media’s unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren’t influenced by the product’s creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. Lea doesn’t really see food as food. Do you think this book’s discussion of eating disorders will help prevent them and provide support for victims Feb 01, Molly rated it really liked it. Do Hhalse want them to enter the reality of self harming teenagers and maybe discover the morbid fascination of trying to control your body by not giving it what ajderson needs to survive?

So they for sure would have investigated the messages further. Gripping anorexia docu; watch with your kids. That’s just it, Lia made me believe in her story. There was a lot of purple prose. Listen to the whispers that curl into your head at night, calling you ugly and fat and stupid and bitch and whore and worst of all, “a disappointment.

What if a book like this pushes one adolescent reader over the edge?

Wintergirls Q&A – Laurie Halse Anderson

Also, this book has an official anndersonjust like a movie. Even if that’s the only thing you can do, listen and not judge what you can’t understand. Lia the main character and her best friend Cassie lauie also Lia and a friend Elijah play the Hearts card game, apparently with a deck of cards and not on a computer, but you need a minimum of three players, not just two, in order to play Hearts.

Nov 26, Karin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The desperation and self-hatred this triggers are set against Lia’s cleverness at hiding it from her separated parents, busy mum Dr Marriganselfish father Professor Overbrook and well-meaning but unimaginative stepmother, Jennifer.


Wintergirls – Wikipedia

I didn’t care for the writing style, all the crossed out words just felt like an unneccessary affectation that slowed down the pace of the book. See all books by Laurie Halse Anderson. Retrieved from ” https: Want personalized picks that fit your family? The one author I wanted the very most to meet, and she was every bit as wonderful as I could possibly have imagined.

Our ratings are based on child development best practices. I strongly, strongly suggest they speak to a doctor for professional advice. Step into a tanning booth and fry yourself for two or three days. Also, few people know that anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

I think it will be HUGE with teenage girls. To ask other readers questions about Wintergirlsplease sign up. Sep 21, karen rated it liked it Shelves: It’s made up, a story, fiction, not true. Lia is none of these things – and although those aren’t requirements for anorexia, Anderson doesn’t give us anything else to go on. Believing that we must break taboos and be open for wihtergirls, I celebrated the bravery of the author. Since her weight is so low, Lia wakes up in the hospital, finally realizing that she wants to live.

The plot is familiar enough. If it has one final flaw, the ending felt slightly laudie and I would have loved to see how things progresses from where we end, but I wintervirls the significance of the point the book ended at, so either way, I’m satisfied.

I am the space between my thighs, daylight shining through.