ergogenic aid for increase sports performance seems to have potential () L-Arginine as a Potential Ergogenic Aidin Healthy Subjects. L-arginine as a potential ergogenic aid in healthy subjects. Sports Medicine, 41(3 ), doi/ Bahra, M., Kapil, V. Dietary nitrates and L-Arginine have been increasingly recognized to play a promising Recently, nitric oxide (NO) has emerged as a promising ergogenic aid by .. factor for exercise tolerance in healthy subjects, suggesting the potential of.

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L-Arginine as a potential ergogenic aid in healthy subjects.

Dietary inorganic nitrate improves mitochondrial efficiency in humans. Sports Medicine42 2 As mentioned, many athletes use creatine in connection with resistance training as an aid to increase the training effect on muscle mass and strength.

Like Arg-based supplements, Cit-based supplements are also NOS dependent; however, unlike Arg, Cit is not a substrate for arginase enzymes. December 30, Citation: Research on L-arginine has recently tested this hypothesis, under the assumption that it may be the active compound associated with the vasodilator effects of NO. Thus, under normal conditions arginine ingestion is not necessary for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis by ingestion of EAAs.

However, in healthy individuals, with normal NO production, L-Arginine supplementation seems to have little impact on aerobic exercise capacity, contrarily to individuals with reduced basal NO production [ 28 ]. Because PCr is a limiting factor in maintaining ATP resynthesis during maximal short-term exercise, an increased PCr concentration should theoretically increase the energy reserve for such exercise.

They concluded that the supplement may have increased maximum force and prevented muscle force decline in postmenopausal women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research25 3 Effect of creatine and weight training on muscle creatine and performance in vegetarians.


Regogenic your language of interest to view l-argjnine total content in your interested language. On the other hand, training adaptations achievable by athletes throughout their careers seems to be much more meaningful and robust than any possible increments obtained by NO enhancement. European Food Safety Authority. Similarly, ingestion of 15 g arginine daily for 14 d prior to a marathon did not alter insulin, ammonia, plasma creatine kinase activity or respiratory exchange ratio.

L-Arginine as a potential ergogenic aid in healthy subjects.

There is a strong correlation between the change in plasma NO 2 levels and a change in performance. Influence of nitrate supplementation on VO 2 kinetics and endurance of elite cyclists.

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics4 However, during periods of rapid growth, or in response to a traumatic or pathologic insult 5 — 7the demand for arginine may not be fully ergogdnic by de novo synthesis and normal dietary intake alone. Intake of large doses of creatine can reduce endogenous synthesis, probably via feedback regulation, but the enzymes involved in creatine synthesis seem to be reactivated when supplementation is discontinued.

Studies also show that the optimal time to take NO 3 potental is 2. Protein- and carbohydrate-induced augmentation of whole body creatine retention in humans.

Cell Metabolism13 2 Nutrition22 9 Effects of dietary L-arginine intake on cardiorespiratory and metabolic adaptation in athletes. For instance, higher exercise intensities are likely to result in a greater degree of skeletal muscle hypoxia, which would be expected to facilitate NO production through NO 2 – reduction [ 44 ].

Nitric Oxide/Arginine: Is Cardiovascular Modulation Effects in Athletes Supplementation?

We believe the reason for this is the vastly different methodology used in each study. From this observation it could be implied that the response to arginine supplementation would likely depend on whether or healthyy other amino acids or protein are ingested subjjects. High arginine levels in intravenous hyperalimentation abrogate post-traumatic immune suppression. Conversely, physiological levels of NO derived from endothelial cells activates guanylyl cyclase, which, in turn, generates cGMP in vascular smooth muscle cells and platelets, thereby, promoting fatty acid and glucose oxidation and reducing the deposition of white fat tissue [ 41 ].


It is also involved in several regulatory cycles urea, NO, ornithine and it is convertible into a few other bioactive molecules, such as creatine and agmatine, important in body homeostasis [ 10 ]. Effect of creatine supplementation on body composition and performance: Therefore, the decline in NO production or availability has been implicated in several cardiovascular disease processes [ 50 ].

Inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation reduces blood pressure in adults: In conclusion, whatever the aims athletes want to achieve and regardless of the widespread availability of sports drinks, nutrition foods l-arginije ergogenic aids, it is strongly recommended that any athlete considering to consume this kind of substances should firstly seek for advice from a sports nutrition professional.

Influence of acute dietary nitrate supplementation on 50 mile time trial performance in well-trained cyclists. Clearly, both exercise in itself and food are much stronger stimuli for protein synthesis than creatine intake in healthy individuals Nitric oxide can be generated solely through L-Arginine oxidation in which L-Arginine is the main precursorbeing oxidized to NO and L-Citrulline in equimolar concentrations, in a reaction catalyzed by a family of NO synthase enzymes Ergoyenicresulting in the endogenous production of nitrate NO 3 – and nitrite NO 2 – [ 23 ].