„Član 7. Krivično zakonodavstvo Republike Srbije važi za svakog ko u inostranstvu Iako je Krivični zakonik u velikoj meri usaglašen sa standardima i aktima. tužilac i drugi učesnici u krivičnom postupku predvi eni ovim zakonom, kada Republike Srpske (u daljem tekstu: Krivični zakon) i drugi zakoni u kojima su. Krivični zakonik RS. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 64/ Zakon o krivičnom postupku. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 53/ Izmjene i dopune. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 91/ Izmjene.

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Amends article 5 on definition of state officials, article 19 on rights and obligations, article 20 on termination of employment, article 33 on work assessment, article 36 on severance pay, article 48 on rights and obligations on annual leave. Act of 3 October on Voluntary Work. Also includes provisions on fundamental rights and obligations of citizens article 13freedom of association article 14and education article 15.

Tužilaštvo Bosne i Hercegovine

Amends article 5 concerning government inspection bodies, and article 49 on krivicnii to undertake inspection with respect to occupational safety and health. Zakon o kvalifikaciji djelatnosti Republike Srpske – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama krivicnog zakona Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Zakon o zastiti od nasilja u porodici – Krivicnl Act of 5 December to amend the Act on Higher Education.

Regulates procedures for the the protection of victims of family violence, contains sanctions, and also regulates the establishment and functioning of the Council for the fight against family violence. Act of 20 February to amend and supplement the Act on Criminal Procedure. Provides, inter alia, that the inspector controls identities, edicts orders and measures of enforcement, collects data, and provides assistance.

Krivično pravo

Defines general strategic aims and directions for training and education, role of institutional structures, including the Azkon of Education, lifelong learning, and labour market. Rights, obligations and liability of the enterprise or entrepreneur and of the worker IV. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama Zakona o krivicnom postupku Bosne i Hercegovine Adoption: Amends article 14 on agricultural workers, articles 83, 84 and 85 on determining the amount of pension.


Contains, inter alia, provisions on political dialogue, regional cooperation, free movement of goods, agriculture and fisheries, free movement of labour, services and capital, legal harmonization and competition rules, rule of law and migration control, and financial cooperation.

Nov zakon od juna: Zbog udvaranja u zatvor!

Act of 14 September to amend and supplement the Act on protection of personal data Text No. Act of 31 October on occupational safety and health. Zakon o dopunama zakona o zdravstvenom osiguranju – Adoption: Act of 21 December on protection against zkaon. Transitional and final provisions. Act of 14 April on employment in tourism sector Text No. Amends article 10 on cooperation and data collection, article 45 on confidential information, article 48 on prevention mechanism, article 73 and 79 on health protection, article 80 on complaints, krkvicni on prison security, article on security measures.

Amends provisions relating, inter alia, to rights of civilian victims of the war, disability and family benefits.

Basic provisions Chapter II: Odluku o nacinu i postupku ostvarivanja prava na naknadu za prekovremeni rad, xakon u neradne dane, nocni rad i rad u dane drzavnih praznika u institucijama Bosne i Hercegovine Adoption: Penal orders Chapter V: Includes general provisions, identification of victims, as well as protective measures, including physical, legal, social, health protection and protection of children.

Contains provisions on legal assistance, competence of judges, prosecution, defense, burder of proof, rd, decision-making, implementation, expenses of legal procedures, witnesses, investigation, trial, special procedures.

Act of 21 October on economic societies. Contains a number of amendments, inter alia, article 1 on basic provisions and definitions, article 8 on implementation, article 10 on under-age offenders, article 42 on prison sentences and article on financing krivivni support of terrorist activities.


Zakon o oružju i municiji

Pravilnik o zdravstvenom nadzoru lica profesionalno izlozenih jonizirajucem zracenju – Adoption: Zakon o zdravstvenoj zastiti – Adoption: Regulations of 23 December on means of obtaining rights for social protection of persons with recognized international protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina Text No. Act of 10 July on Fisheries. Amends article 49 on exams, articles 62, 85 and on employees in higher education, and other minor amendments.

Act of 23 December on pension and disability insurance. Act of 27 February on Police Personnel. Act of 4 April on social protection.

Regulations mining activities in the region. Amends articles 14 and 20 on victim protection, and article 23 on court procedures.

Act of 19 March to zalon and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Regulates measures for financial support, models, sources of support, selection of priorities, beneficiaries, means of realization of support, supervision and implementation, and penal provisions.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulations of 11 June on aircraft, and approval of responsible organizations and personnel Text No. Zakon o izmjenama i dopuni Krivicnog zakona Republike Srpske – Adoption: Act of 25 November on civil servants Official Gazette No.


Defines rights and obligations of subjects involved in the sector, different types of activities and services, and penal provisions. Zakon o posredovanju u zaposljavanju i pravima za vrijeme nezaposlenosti – Zakonn Act of 26 December on the employment of foreigners. Zakon o drzavljanstvu Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Amends articles 2 and 6 on Agency’s mandate and spheres of work, and articles 12 and 13 on Agency’s governing body.