Oasis. n q o p r s =E =B = F# 1. Kotaro Oshio Panorama Music by Kotaro Oshio = E =E =A. B B B GB B B B B B U UU B B = ; DDDD 4 4 = / / Harm. let ring * (((!. Tuning: A E E F# B e E |—9. Copyright — Guitar Chords And Tablature Archive — bass tabs — [email protected] — Privacy policy. Kotaro Oshio + Oasis power tab | Guitar Tabs Archive.

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Treasure guitar pro tab by Kotaro Oshio @

Hi Lisa, First of all thanks for sharing. Oshioo technique is a bit tricky. Find all posts by Kindness. Mind you, you’ll almost never tune down to a G.

I usually learn by watching youtube videos,but some songs are difficult.

Oasis Time Flies 1994-2009 Guitar Tab Sheet Music Lyrics 27 Rock Songs Book

This one is in standard tuning, like Windsong, and Tycho. Find all posts by rlouie. You just described a huge range of tunings there. The Greven guitar he plays on is so sweet! Find all posts by fulfillingsoul. Find all posts by Fingerstylist.


I have send u a PM Find all posts by EucalyptusMint. Any kind soul can send me tabs of Kotaro Oshio? I’m going through the Oasis tab right now so if you wanted to make a vid about that it would be greatly appreciated. Eucalyptusmint, Thanks for the heads up on the tutorials!

I don’t have that one pandaroo, but let me see if I can get it! Find all posts by pandaroo.

Hi Lisa, Thanks for ur kind nature of sharing tabs Perth, Western Australia Posts: Originally Posted by itself I don’t have that one pandaroo, but let me see if I can get it! Tabs Hi Lisa, Thanks for ur kind nature of sharing tabs Good recommendation by rlouie.

Kitaro fine with light strings. The first piece he performs is called Rakuen, which would translate I think to Paradise. After Landscape is some clips of him yab with others http: State College, PA Posts: Page 3 of 3.

I did not know that Windsong was originally composed for nylon Find all posts by kavalakat. The time now is Does anyone know what gauge strings Kotaro uses OR what is best to use for songs like Hard rain, Rushin’, LandscapeYou are the hero Sounded perfect on my Carreras guitar as if the song was originally intended to be composed in a nylon string guitar.


Do u happen to have the tabs for Treasure,Brilliant road If by any chance you are able to share with me the tabs for “A White Cloud of that Summer” if you have any, that would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully it helps you guys. All times are GMT This is a better version of Landscape go to 1: By the way, make sure your nails are well-protected.

Kotaro Oshio/TAB Book ” 10th Anniversary Best [Ballade Side] ”

Experiment and see what works for you. Find all posts by SimplyLuo. Again, if anyone wants any tab it would be a pleasure to share it with you!