Norway Accounting. Standard kontoplan NS Developed by. Datalege AS & ZedeSTech. Please log in to comment on this module. Please choose a rating. Is Norwegian Standard Accounts Specification – Norsk Standard Kontoplan At , use for instance the search-term: Accounts; NS E is the. If norwegian standard Chart of Accounts is used by the invoice receiver, then NS must be the leftmost content of the account cost string.

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This is likely to be done by the document issuer or by the service provider on behalf of the document issuer. Rounding of the Payable Amount It is possible to round the payable amount to the nearest integer. All sub versions must be backwards compatible. Structure Table Attached is structure tables providing a structured overview of the document types. Seller Person or organisation with the necessary authority to sign a contract and transfer the ownership of a product or service.

It is possible to combine use of Z01 and elektroniskB2Cfaktura.

The element to hold the attachment information can be repeated multiple times AdditionalDocumentReference thus allowing multiple attachments. Major businesses may have several legal registration IDs based on for instance location.

Картинки: Kontoplan enkeltmannsforetak

Validation To optimize the flexibility in the validation process, each EHF document is validated in different stages with shifting focus in every stage. Accounting professionals are advised to read chapters 1 through 5. With the exception of small companies, which can choose to apply a separate standard for SMEs, all companies have to comply with the standards, as described above.


Payment receiver Person or organisation that receives the payment. It is recommended to send additional information included in the format message and not as an external address URIsince many businesses are restricted from pursuing external links. Examples of relevant profiles are: Validation Principles Stages in the validation process: Output VAT, reduced rate, raw fish.

Replacing rules with rules in EHF Common. Guide Fix minor bug in Invoice and Credit Note example files. The following scenarios may arise: Use of other VAT categories than those specified below leads to rejection of the XML instance document during validation. Example, electronic invoice B2C with automatic debit Avtalegiro. The EHF format assumes that all amounts on the header level have a maximum of 2 decimal places. The received document is discarded not processed. Kontolpan spending less time and money on procurement, resources will be available for both modernizing the public sector and more welfare.

The exact syntax should be agreed upon by kontoplwn two parties. Financial advance is not previously invoiced, ref. Valid codes for currencies, countries, tax etc. The Norwegian description will be translated during review. No requirements regarding sequence of the other elements.


Definition of open standards:. The service provider offers to validate documents on behalf of the client.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

It is possible to round the payable amount to the nearest integer. The structure of the string will be as follows:. Chapter 7 deals with validation.

The VAT category must be specified on line level. Only a way to inform the buyer how the price is set.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

Allowances and charges related to Price shall not be part of any other calculations. Social security number requires “databehandleravtale”.

Output VAT, reduced rate, middle. Payment request This part is currently on review in Norwegian only.

If so, Difi will inform the public via the web site and their registered users via e-mail. The line level Price element. Category kobtoplan local currency TaxCurrency. Dynamic display of invoice and creditnote based on XML instance documents will be developed by Difi.