CellChek C. High-grade model providing wide-field visualization of the cornea; including from limbus to limbus, endothelium to epithelium. •, High-resolution. Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies and trauma. Konan’s specular microscopes are the global gold standard for precision assessment of the most. The CellChek XL™ delivers cellular level imaging of the corneal endothelium with the industry’s most comprehensive tools for cellular morphology and trending.

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In order spefular bill for the procedure, the physician must complete an interpretive report specifying the reason for the test, the cell count, a report of the findings, and the basic treatment plan. This is the reason why it is important to perform this test pre-operatively on all cataract surgery patients.

This is particularly valuable in cases such as keratoconusspceular transplantations, or corneal dystrophies. Specular microscopy is performed on all cataract patients as a pre-operative risk assessment because I have discovered that having a precise endothelial cell slecular assists me in appropriately managing these cases.

Caring, professional and kinan. She is so sweet and takes the time to listen to you. Under normal circumstances, healthy cells can be retained, but trauma, inflammation, and heredity are possible factors that can impact the health of the endothelial layer. The CellChek includes strong trends analysis to make robust use of minimum numbers of observable cells with advanced disease state corneas. Documentation of specular microscopy should include the following elements: This monolayer of cells is unique in that, in order to repair itself, the cells must slide or stretch to fill any gaps.

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Konan CellChek Specular Microscope | Olathe Eye Care

One of the advantages of the screening is that if problems are detected during the test, doctors are alerted to more closely question these patients and to look for associated signs in the tissues.


Trends analysis is critical to to choosing treatment responses and understanding the progression or arrest of disease. In other words, to bill specular microscopy at the same time that you are performing a pre-surgical eye examination for cataract surgery, the medical record must document at least one of the coverage criteria discussed and the procedure must be reported with a diagnosis code other than a simple cataract.

The system is used globally for routine clinical use including many of the leading medical and surgical applications such as: Have a question or comment on this article? The microscope system includes 19″ touch screen, motorized table, and printer.

It provides five focus points for image capture at the center and four peripheral sites, allowing a more comprehensive look at the cornea. Using non-contact optical pachymetry, the CellChek provides corneal thickness measurements at all five data sample sites. In instances in which Medicare may not cover the test, the patient should be asked to sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice prior to testing.

What cells we’re born with must last a lifetime. Which of the following is true? The CellChek captures high quality images of your corneal endothelium using a patented method that identifies the position of the cellular interface. Most patients do not know that you must have a healthy endothelium to undergo any type of surgery to the eye.

You simply won’t have a complete grasp of the situation. The world of ophthalmology is going completely automated.

A Valuable Tool for the Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease: Konan’s CellChek

Submit your case studies, clinical pearls, practice management tips, editorial, or other manuscripts. Integrate Innovative Technology into Your Practice with the Microscole Cellchek Optometrists have become technologically astute with a myriad of devices with which to diagnose and monitor ocular health findings.


I love this eye doctor! Note that the corneal thickness of the right microscpe microns is thicker than that of the left eye due to corneal swelling. Definitive Diagnoses It is my view that every patient scheduled for intraocular anterior segment surgery, especially cataract surgery, secondary intraocular lens IOL surgery or IOL exchange should receive a baseline specular microscopy examination.

Specular microscopy may be indicated in situations in which the cornea is suspected of having an endothelial abnormality and in which the accuracy of the estimated cell count from slit lamp biomicroscopy is thought to be less than satisfactory.

Konan Specular Microscope

Galbrect is the best eye doctor ever and her staff is amazing The CellChek Specular Microscope represents the latest in specular microscopy providing robust clinical evidence, and patented analysis methods that can reliably assess even problematic endothelium. Specular microscopy is an essential tool in my practice and should be embraced by every academic institution, corneal surgeon, and anterior segment surgeon. Physical trauma can occur during cataract surgery or any other anterior segment intraocular surgery.

The lipid layer of the tear film is produced by the conjunctival spceular cells.

This allows accurate re-assessment of specular data sample areas to trend cellular statistics over time, such as being able to assess and quantify specjlar time, change in the cornea.