China Knauf Intherm, Knauf Intherm from China Supplier – Find Variety Knauf Intherm from knauf leveling system,knauf gypsum board,knauf insulation.

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Their paper contains a fungicide substance and the core is treated with additives that significantly reduce their water absorption. The thickness of the insulation boards is 5 to 8cm depending on the energy efficiency study.

Plasterboard Knauf AluTherm Plasterboard with adhered aluminum foil and 4AK edges Plasterboard Knauf AluTherm has adhered at the back, an aluminum foil, knau functions as a vapor barrier and protects the uninsulated wall or ceiling, from the internal moisture condensation, which will penetrate the pores of the material and destroy it. Knauf DF Fire resistant Used in high fire resistance requirements constructions.


Fiber board Knauf Vidiwall Compact structural gypsum and cellulose fiber panel, with high specific weight, hard surface and high mechanical strength.

In combination with a glass fiber reinforcement and a special treatment of their gypsum core, meet stringent fire protection requirements.

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In the advantages, counts the high transpiration ability, which allows the elimination of water vapor from the interior of the building. In the gap between knzuf uninsulated wall and the metal frame, are placed mineral wool slabs offered in a lot choices in thickness and density, to simultaneously ensure the necessary thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. Internal paneling of the walls, is composed of steel frame galvanized inthemr, fixed to the ceiling and floor of the building.

Page 1 2 Next. Similar is the construction for thermal insulation ceilings. It is used in areas that require resistance to impact and load suspension capability, directly to the infill of the wall, without the aid of the frame.


Knauf H2 moisture resistant It is used in high humidity areas. Their core comprises mineral fibers and additives that give the plasterboard special fire resistance.

Fireproof gypsum board Knauf ‘Fireboard’ Known as an economic high standards fire protection solution. The Fireboard is produced in thicknesses of 15, 20, 25mm ibtherm dimensions mm x mm.

Also, due to the excellent insulating properties of graphite EPS 80, useful space is saved, by applying smaller thickness compared to other thermal insulation materials.