Dr. Kenzo Kase – chiropractor and acupuncture. ❖ ‘s. ❖ Joint distortion due to muscle (not joint/bone). ❖ Other tapes immobilized the joint. ❖ KT could be. Dr. Kenzo Kase was born in Japan in the early s. He was a sickly child, not allowed to attend physical education classes because of this physical frailty. En este video podemos observar como trabaja Kase con el Kinesio https://youtu. be/mhbS4iTiqFI Tex marca original inventada en el año

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The combination of low cost, limited risk of complications and immediate reduction in pain although small makes the application of KT a considerable plan of action, even if literature cannot accurately describe its mechanism of action, yet 5.

He worked with product engineers and went through a long process of trying different qualities. It is believed that this way of using the tape decreases the load on a muscle or tendon for modifying the point of the lever internal moment armdecreasing the applied strength at the affected area, and as a consequence, decreasing the pain.

Our President and Founder | Kinesio Tape

Thelen, Dauber e Stoneman 7. What makes Kinesio different? These days they call it Integrative Medicine, but Dr. Kenzl licensing is in chiropractic and acupuncture, but his medical knowledge is both deeper and broader. Clin J Sport Med. In basic corrective techniques, the positioning of the kinesio tape must reproduce the positioning of the therapist’s hands on the patient. When removing the protective sheet of the adhesive, minimum contact should be done so that the adhesive capacity is preserved, therefore, the adhesive protection shouldn’t libeo completely removed.

The clinical efficacy of Kinesio Tape for shoulder pain: Among these, the most cited ones were the following. Short-term effects ok kinesio taping versus cervical thrust manipulation in patients with mechanical neck pain: KinesioTaping reduces disability and pain slightly in chronic non-specific low back pain: If your doctor used one of these terms, would you know what she was talking about?

In general, subjects participated in studies comparing KT with another group control, placebo or intervention4 presented superior results, 5 similar ones and 1 inferior to counterintervention Table 1.


This book is based kejzo the evidence from research undertaken by the authors over a number of years. Part of his genius is his ability make connections between different treatment paradigms and to help each concept get a step or two further. Among the forms of application of KT, the tape may be cut in “Y”, “I”, “X”, “fan”, “web” modified “fan” and “donut” shapes, which llibro depend on the size of the affected muscle and on the desired treatment.

The application shall last for days, when the decreasing of the elastic polymer function occurs 15 Kase wanted to be able to treat them kasw a longer period of time. Clinical essay with convenience sample. What is the Kinesio Taping Method? Therapeutic Exercise For Lumbopelvic Stabilization: The direction towards which the tape is to be applied will depend on the purpose of the treatment.

Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary, Third Edition has everything you need to decipher complicated medical jargon, including: Jaraczewska E, Long C. Kinesio taping compared to physical therapy modalities for the treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome.

Kase has been using this approach for years. Paget’s disease Herceptin reportable disease intraductal carcinoma protease inhibitor MRSA akathisia glycemic index cellulitis designer drug DHEA evidence-based medicine If you’re like most Americans, you’re taking a more active role in your healthcareand that of your family.

This new edition offers more than 8, entries, including new terms. How to cite this article. In the sequence, the Statistica 7 software was used in order to analyze the data. Kinesio taping provided higher, similar or lower pain reduction than in other groups control, placebo or technique. He was a sickly child, not allowed to attend physical education classes because of this physical frailty.

Most authors described hypotheses for the hypoalgesic mechanism attributed to the application of the KT. The objective of this study was to conduct a systematic review in order to report the principles of the method and, specially to analyze what were the results of clinical trials with a control group regarding pain with the KT.


Physiotherapy Books

Patients received some benefit from the taping, but it had bad side effects: Another easily elucidative thesis in practice would be the libroo effect that can be obtained by applying the KT across the muscle or the compromised tendon moderate to intense compressionpreviously or after physical therapy session. According to its creator, KT provides: When your doctor uses terms like intraductal carcinoma or kenso, do you understand and can you ask the right questions?

Electroterapia livro downloadElectroterapia: Effects of KT in the patellofemoral S, assessing pain, function and flexibility.

Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. Nambi e Shah 8. Pain relief provided by Kinesio taping was similar or slightly libo to other interventions, not representing a reason for it to be the main treatment of choice.

KINESIO’s President & Founder

Could forearm Kinesio Taping improve strength, force sense and pain in baseball pitchers with medial epicondylitis? It all starts with the power of a human touch. The significance of these findings to the treatment and prevention of low back pain are now widely acknowledged, not only among researchers but also, and perhaps more importantly, among practitioners concerned with the management and prevention of back pain.

Kaya, Zinnuroglu e Tugcu Through his own experiences and training, Dr. The application continues to use the principles of Kenzo Kase, the gate control theory being the most described so far to justify the hypoalgesic effect; and the effects were only found in short-term 24 hours to 1 week. Acta Orthop Traumatol Turc. However, as illustrated by the authors, the limitation was the absence of a group with no intervention control and placebo groups, which would bring more conclusive information.

These forms of application are used, respectively, for muscle weakness facilitatory or inhibitory effectpain and swelling, biomechanical correction, lymphatic drainage both “fan” and “web”focused edema or specific area sports 1.