Keep Holding On has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: “If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. This bestselling teen novel focuses on the consequences of bullying and teen suicide, dedicated to Tyler Clementi. Susane Colasanti was born and grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She is an only child. During middle and high school she got picked on.

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It annoyed me to no end. In fact, this generation’s and I believe what I’m saying is accurate, considering I am in this generation idea of “bullying” and such is so drastically different from our parents’ that if an adult saw some of the jokes we share, they’d probably be appalled.

Noelle is a neglected child. I think in a way, Colasanti does a pretty good job of showing what some kids go through in school. In real life things don’t usually turn around so quickly. There are some feelings that are too hard to ignore—too rare to be immune to—and one of those is sympathy. I think, as someone who was bullied for the same reasons Noelle was second-hand clothes, bad hair, not wealthy, etc. Instead of being super annoyed with Noelle, my heart went out to her.

View all 5 comments. Julian and Noelle are one of my new favorite romances. After a certain point, it didn’t feel realistic anymore, but rather a heavy handed message that touched base on quite a few issues, but didn’t have the emotional punch that perhaps other books who’ve tackled the subject of rape, child abuse, and bullying have had.

In my opinion, it could maybe dree them gain courage. I liked the fact that she shed her lack of self-esteem and gained some self-confidence, although it did take something major for that to happen, towards the end of the book.


Keep Holding On is the second book by this very same author that I’ve read. It was an extremely small school. Readers will feel her despair, but will also detect her inner strength. It’s eye opening, moving, and inspiring.

I mean, she gives lesson using Gumby and Holdng dolls! It seems safer to stay with Matt than risk a broken heart.

It really makes me sad that there are adult out there that are willing to take that stand. National Domestic Violence Hotline — thehotline. In real life things don’t usually turn around so quickly.

She is intelligent and caring. Every single day, school attendance is torture.

Keep Holding On

The Boarding School Experiment. Noelle is fortunate because she has a friend Sherae and a potential love interest Julian who are looking out for her, though they have issues of their own and Noelle sometimes pushes them away so as not to show how bad her situation really is. View all 28 comments. I am just not sure that things get better while still in high school. A girl who has never had a boyfriend.

The characters fell flat for me. Like I said, it’s not my usual read. She blames Noelle for everything bad in her life. I’m sorry, I just can’t like her. Noelle has one good friend, Sherae, but even Sherae does not know how truly awful things are for Noelle at home. She doubts that she is able to stop the things that continue to happen to her.

I felt like I didn’t know the other characters well enough. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. FAQs Advertise Become a member. That she didn’t try to help herself in that way that only she could. Sometimes I did just want to grab her by the shoulders and tell her like it is, but she had a friend that did a pretty good job of it, so I understood where she was coming from in those instances even more.


Keep Holding On By: Susane Colasanti by jasmine barajas on Prezi

Through it all we’re still fighting to find a better life, and even if that means sacrificing certain values, most of the time we are willing to do it. It was powerful, relatable on various different levels. I gave this a three star due to the bolding line, other then that I would of never finished reading. Noelle is a kid who has had it pretty rough.

Sign in to write reviews. It is HARD to read these words — they are a physical weight and portray exhaustion with life, with trying to overcome, with making due.


Slowly, she gains the courage to stand up for herself, her fellow victims, and even faces her own mother. The side characters, though some more than others, have a big a role in the story as well. The Bad Boy Bargain.

Overall, Keeping Holding On is a powerful story about never giving up and learning to stand up for yourself.

From the outside looking in people appear ,eep have better lives than they do. This will not be short, holdijg it will not be sweet. That seldom every works in life. Who was he as a character? In the end, the messages of not backing down, seeking help, reaching out to friends and teachers, not giving up and not surrendering power to bullies are excellent freee. But until then, she has to survive high school first.