Is the Karma Pakshi sadhana available for download somewhere? Thanks for your consideration in answering what I imagine are pretty boring. The sadhana of Karma Pakshi, which is a guru yoga, shows him as the union of all the gurus, yidams, dakas, dakinis, Dharma protectors, and. Karma Pakshi Sadhana. Public. · Hosted by Thrangu Vajrayana Buddhist Centre, Hong Kong. Interested. clock. Sunday, March 12, at PM – PM.

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His Holiness the Second Gyalwa Karmapa, Karma Pakshi

Open or close, depends on the text you have. Indeed, anyone with even a small interest in hermeneutics will recognize that what is really known of the life of Jetsun Milarepa is, and has been, open to much interpretation. Someone kindly sent me the Gyun Kyer. These images have a profound effect. The rays of our natural light shines- the question of when, where, how and why lose imminence; they are answered with a silent knowing, and inner surety.

Like this, mistaken ideas of discriminating wisdom are clarified. Milarepa is portrayed as a normal sentient being! In you, I see all the characteristics of a true yogin who sacrifices his life for the Dharma practice. Copies of a Karma Pakshi thangka had been available for days before the initiation so people could ;akshi familiar with it. As Trungpa Rinpoche points out, in becoming more sane nothing extraordinary happens, we become more wakeful, more clear, more present and more authentic.

Some sadgana that Karma Pakshi received this name because he stayed a long time at Karma Gon monastery.

It is very natural to want to experience the cessation of suffering; indeed, time and again we see that this is something that all beings want, even when our choices appear to just cause more and more suffering. It’s also a life-long practice for retreat graduates, both Western and Asian The essence of this practice came to Yongey Mingyur Dorje in a vision of Karma Pakshi and his retinue.


Next to him was a tall long life arrow with the ribbons of the five colors of the elements and of the five Tseringma as well.

People are scared to empty their minds fearing that they will be engulfed by the void. In that case, nothing could ever change.

A great practice, and you are lucky to receive this from HHGK! What happens if we apply the essential instructions that clarify our understanding and relationship with our mind, placing special care to also apply such instructions to our expectations towards our potential, towards the ideas of progress, even time, or the kadma of physical place?

Karma Pakshi was born into the family of a yogi belonging to the Nyingma tradition of the Secret Mantrayana, the oldest one in Tibet. Indeed every time we blend the body Omspeech Ahand Mind Hungof our gurus, yidams, and protectors, of pure appearance, perhaps we are in reality opening ourselves up to the direct experience of complete effortless empowerment.

The Gyalwang Karmapa Gives a Karma Pakshi Empowerment – Karmapa Foundation Europe

I am captivated with a giddy curiosity around what it means to bring this spirit of free enquiry, of dedicated vision, and the certainty needed to abandon some of the heavy dead weight that accompanies our practice. Then we have another interesting person in the sadhana: Perhaps the real question is, when will we put aside our sense of inadequacy and take our seats?

The actual blessing which comes from the oral instructions is talking about maturing those of sharp faculties. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to continue to spend time at his monastery- Palchen Chosling-in Sikkim and to receive precious guidance from him.

I remember at the time being a little disappointed that they did not translate the portions of the ritual read by HHK, especially as some of them contained points for visualization- I thought the audience missed out on quite a bit, as the visualizations would have been fairly accessible to follow along with. Below are what I find to be the most salient point of his talk as it pertains to this post.


Does it go anywhere? There are many different kinds of Termas – texts, ritual objects, relics, and natural objects. In the lower left and right corners of this thangka are two principal female and male protectors of the Karma Kagyu tradition, Rangjung Gyalmo and Garwa Nagpo.

On the right was a long, embroidered thangka of Karma Pakshi, flanked in brilliant white scarves, which brought alive the rich colors in the image of this Second Karmapa along with his yidam deity and main disciples. You are the moon of sacred Dharmic proclamation.

Dorje Drolo Karma Pakshi

Guru Rinpoche, the great Nyingma master, is famous for all the miracles he displayed, through which he was able to tame both humans and spirits so that Buddhism could spread in Tibet. Sign in New Customer?

Actually, Mahamudra and Dzogchen are not different – ultimately they are the same. Then it will be possible to meditate correctly, i. He was a great scholar and a great teacher, and he was very wild in his approach to reality. The collection of three volumes revealed by Mingyur Dorje also contains a cycle of teachings and the practice on Dorje Drolo, who is the wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, and the eight names of Guru Rinpoche.