It is known as Kakawin Ramayana, as it is in kakawin meter in Old Javanese language. At the time, Buddhism was dominant in Sumatra, West. Kakawin Ramayan is the old Javanese version of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story of triumph of good over evil. Rakamien means The Glory of Ram is. The Ramayana in the Literature and Visual Arts of Indonesia Andrea Acri, H.M. (evidently) a dominant theme in the Ramayana Kakawin with the occurrence of.

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Listen, you are kakwin manifestation of Narayana, the embodiment of Wisnu. The answer is no, even if we can establish Kanakamuni as the real name of Prapanca.

This latter, altered half of the original tale is the most popular, and it is performed in all wayang performances. The Nagarakrtagama was written around AD, whilst according 10 Poerbatjaraka the Nitisastra must originate at approximately the same time as the Nirarthaprakrta, that is around the last years of Majapahit.

I will destroy all the debased demons, the enemies of the world kaakwin warning. It is not right that you do so, as he is still a child and not powerful. See as example below: The other part contains texts derived from the Sumanasantaka, Smaradahana etc. Kakawin Ramayan is the old Javanese version of the Indian epic Ramayana story of triumph of good over evil. It is therefore only in spirit that union is possible Gunamanta san Dasaratha, wruh sira rin weda bhakri rin de’wa, tar malupeti pitrepuja, mSsih ta siren swagotra kabeh.

Full text of “Ramayana Kakawin Vol. 1”

Scdferi nira kinaryya ratwariabhiscka yomeh teka, gelana sira san narendragharinl sirah Kekayl, kakaiwn nira atah sirari Bharata ratwa kahyun ira, apan pasamayan sederi nira sinoma-somah pwa weh. D sirar ta hwat. This particular phrase is very hard to understand, if the word tan is understood as to mean not.

No one could fight, no one could quarrel, in his presence. The n varies according to the particular type of dandaka, and may even represent a number of over If Poerbatjaraka says in Javanese ‘Sajeg kula gesah derm nate mans serai Jawi iiikan saenipun bab basa, rerehgan Isp.


There seemed to be a breakdown on the highway, as nobody turned up to do business. Response to all their good and bad deeds for their own welfare. In- deed writing or reading the Ramayana is regarded as good conduct, which is apparent in Sivananda’s words 3: Therefore as best as possible I kalawin to the notion to note every emendation I make, especially those which do not occur in the other mss.

As kakaqin came closer, he knew [who came] and laid down his bow- He went to his brother Raghawa to inform him.

With doubtful mind he entered the audience hall, everyone he met, was in tears. Then Ramabhadra picked some flowers and [they] took a bath and rinsed their mouths in the river. Sakweh nikan talaga tan hana tan patunjuii, tunjun nya tan hana kuran pada mesi kumban, kumbah nya kapwa muni tan hana tan pasabda, sabda nva karnnasuka tan hana tan manojna- d.

Zoetmulder notes that sarga IIL, is practically a nitisastra, likewise sarga XIIL which gives a lengthy exposition on artha’sastra and nitisastra. Hanan kela rikari tilam tuwi malit malfembut matis, awak nira linepaneri sulur user lawan candana, nda tan parasa tan panisi mapanas kabeh yan hidep, ri tibra nikanah unen riadi mulih siren swargga weh. Sinantwa sira de nikaribala kabeh lawan sari ibu, ilafi lara niralilah hati maho maluy nirmmala, apan prakreti jati niri dadi kabeh maturituri pati, ya tekan inarien-anen ira hilari ta kirikiri nira.

Kkaawin way of dividing the words into phrases for instance might lead into a dazzling trans- lation by a translator sometimes after the transcription has been completed. Shoot at it and destroy it, so that I cannot go there. Ei, all of you, do not be untruthful, be very loyal and devoted in the service of the king and state. These were his gifts to them, excellent and extremely powerful [formulae]. May there be no trouble! Its voluptuousness was reached to its peak and they performed it again and again until they were satisfied.

He drew his excellent bow, with a sharp arrow on it. Ramayaja white flowers [of the trees and the white lotuses] were as their eyes, the Dlack bumble-bees upon them were the irises [of the eyes]. Also he was true to his words, even to his wives he did not lie; the more so to other people; all his words were very kind and good.


On the other hand if you feel armayana to become king, because of my exile in the forest, just follow my words, obey your older brother. The text is also not clear.

Kinon ira ta sari baladhika tumunwa sari bhupati, masoca ta maweh tilem sira rikari tilem niri wulan, samlpta maharep ta sari Bharata meta sari Raghawa, ri satya nira bhakti riri kaka tirun nikari rat kabeh.

The lion is the guard of the forest, [on the other hand] the forest protects the lion all the time. You are a meat-eater, and the ascetics have no meat. She talks kzkawin the life of people in wedlock, the stress and strains of separation of people in love with each other, and her conclusion that the rajayana people are in fact the ramayanaa because they are free from all the sufferings that come out of love and marriage.

In the BhattikSwya, the aim of the writer is to teach people in the Sanskrit language, to enable them to become proficient in speaking and grammar 2. Uhlenbeck and Teeuw, ‘Over de interpretmte etc’, BKf,p. Yet I did not know what he rreant.

Sacred Books

Nobody could be angry or fight in his presence. And if 1 Ernest E.

The order of the last stanzas is erratic, namely sarga XXVI is followed by stanzas 51 and 3. Lajeng Rama saha Laksamana tindak. K nira ya surupa.

Bharata, followed by his troops soon came and made his obeisance with folded hands.