STUDI KEANEKARAGAMAN JENIS KUPU-KUPU DI DAS MENDALAM TAMAN NASIONAL BETUNG KERIHUN DANAU SENTARUM KABUPATEN KAPUAS. Abstract. Karimunjawa National Park has several types of ecosystems that hold high biodiversity potential and have not been fully recorded. Keanekaragaman Jenis Kupu-kupu pada Ekosistem Hutan Rawa Air Tawar dan Hutan Dataran Rendah di Desa Journal article Jurnal Hutan Lestari •

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All article content metadata are registered to: Bee diversity along disturbance gradient in tropical lowland forest of South-East Asia.

One of the interesting insect is butterfly. Biological parameters measured are species composition of butterfly Subordo Rhopalocera and species diversity index of butterfly Subordo Rhopalocera.

Keanekaragaman Kupu-kupu di Taman Nasional Bantimurung Bulusaraung – Neliti

Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Google Scholar Citations 63, h -index 3. Forests Of Northern Borneo: Effects of clearfeel harvesting on lucanid beetles Coleoptera: Ecological diversity and its measurements.

Changes of dung beetle communities from rainforests towards sgroforestry systems an annual cultures in Sulawesi Indonesia. Articles in this journal are indexed by: The Illustrated Ency-clopedia judnal Butterflies. This research had been conducted over three months using a sweeping technique applied to follow the line transect length of meters at random in each habitat type primary forest, secondary forest, gardens and shrubs.


The keanekaragxman consist of LycanidaeNymphalidaePapilionidaeand Pieridae.

The Importance Of Habitat Heterogeneity. The results showed that there were 3 families namely Papilionidae, Nymphalidae and Pieridae, with the number of 29 species and individuals.

Butterfly has an important function for indicator of the health of environment. Journal Of Applied Ecology, 40, Learning sources that made media insectarium, syllabus, lesson plans and worksheets. Conservation Biology And Biodoversity. Determination of the research station by purposive random sampling, that determined based on differences characteristics of habitat. Effects of antrhopogenic disturbance on the diversity of herbivores-an analysis of moth spesies assemblages along habitat gradients in East Malaysia in German.

Pasific Journal, Vol 2 2: Suparno 63 Grendeng Purwokerto Conservation Biologi, 15 2: The location of research was in Mentibat river and Pari river. Result of the research showed that 22 species of butterfly was found, consist of 4 families and total individual was butterflies.

Suparno 63 Grendeng Purwokerto Telephone: Isi Jurnal Cari plugins. This study aims to determine species diversity of butterfly Subordo Rhopalocera in the tourisms area Hapanasan and designing learning sources are the relevant to biodiversity concept based on these results. Station I is a secondary forest area, station II is a tourisms park area, station III is a rubber plantations area and station IV is an oil palm plantations. Journal of applied ecology Mandiri, Volume 9, No. Thesis, University of Bayreuth, Germany.



Email Artikel ini Login dibutuhkan. Spatio-temporal kupu-kjpu and resource use in the canopy. This website is maintained by: Kirim email ke penulis Login dibutuhkan.

Mentibat River has a highest diversity of butterfly than Pari River. The length of transect was 1 Km with observation area 5 m both on left and right side.

The collection and photo of speciments can be used as a source of biology learning in senior high school class X on the biodiversity concept. Pengaruh fragmentasi habitat terhadap keragaman serangga. Sari This study aims to determine species diversity of butterfly Subordo Rhopalocera keanekaragamsn the tourisms area Hapanasan and designing learning sources are the relevant to biodiversity concept based on these results.