Toxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease () i Dr, JohnH, Tilden TOXEMIA EXPLAINED REVISED EDITION THE TRUE of nature to his advantage and to intimate that he has cured John Smith, when actually. Toxemia explained – The true Interpretation of the Cause of Disease This book is IMHO a must read for anyone interested in owning their own. Toxemia Explained has 27 ratings and 4 reviews. Milloum said: Toxemia Explained was written in the late 19th century (I think); in it, J.H. Tilden John H. Tilden.

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A catarrh is any tocemia in the body with inflammation and mucous. Open Preview See a Problem? An enervating cause — the usual immunization — that would scarcely produce a reaction at one time in a given subject might send the same subject to a hospital at another time, or even be fatal instanter.

The Cause of all Disease: Toxemia Explained

Truth too often must pray to be delivered from its Mends. Tildej organ, however, has nothing to do with cause, and directing treatment to the organ is compounding fallacy. The proportion depends, not on the skill ortraining exppained individual practitioners, but on the unsatisfactory state of all medical knowledge.

As no provision is made for the demand of an extra supply of energy at a given time, it is necessary, very necessary, to know how to conserve what we have and build more. Science has much to deplore from the multiplication of diseases.

Cancer is the esplained of years of abuse of nutrition, and years of Toxemia from faulty elimination. To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable knowledge of how to avoid building disease, and how to cure.


From a short review of these facts, reason and humanity awake from their long repose in medicine, and unite in proclaiming that it is time to take the cure of pestilential epidemics out of the hands of physicians, and to place it in the hands of the people. It is clear that far more were killed by these other diseases than were saved toxenia smallpox. The coffee headache is an example. Surely knavishness is unfit. Their s edition also “improved” Toxemia Explained in this respect.

Thomas Lodi speak for the first time. To them this book is dedicated and the freedom from medical superstition it will bring them. There are so many ways for the blood to become poisoned that, unless what I mean by “Toxemia” is thoroughly comprehended, there must be a confused understanding.

Fanaticism, bigotry, stupidity, and commercialism are the principal elements in the dietetic complex that is now belaboring the public. Cures are what the people want, and cures are what doctors and cultists affect to make; but at most only relief is given. You live this but I think you do not perceive this now.

As the disease progresses, a few become pallid and develop pernicious anemia, due to gastric or intestinal ulceration and putrid protein infection; in others the first appearance of ulcer is manifested by a severe hemorrhage; others have a cachexia and a retention of food in the stomach, which is vomited every two or three days, caused by a partial closing of the pyloms. Fifty-eight years of independent thinking, unbiased by sect or creed, have enabled me to discover the true cause of disease; and it is so simple that even a child can leam to protect itself against the said-to-be “diseases peculiar to children.

Dr. John Tilden- Toxemia Explained, 1926

Treating the various symptom- complexes as distinct entities is fully as scientific as salving tkxemia end of a dog’s tail for its sore ear. Removing stone from the gall- bladder does not cure the cause, and more stones form. Man is either the master of himself, or his appetite and sensual pleasures master him.


Venereal and all skin diseases, including the eruptive fevers, are fostered by clothes. And now the theory is tilde proved fact.

Research is being carried on vigorously in an attempt to find the cause of disease; the conception of disease being that it is individual. While manipulafing, I was advising relaxation of his body.

This willingness to die on the altar of medical superstition is one very great reason why no real improvement is made in fundamental medical science. From time immemorial man has looked for a savior; and, when not looking for a savior, he is looking for a cure.

Toxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease by John H. Tilden

Yes; cannot you realize that law and order pervades the universe? Actually, Tilden contends, there is only one cause, and that is toxemia, johb accumulation of toxins in the body.

Tilden tries to explain why medicine is failing to eradicate illness and pain. Now, the engineer is open to no sucli temptation.

This causes enervation and Toxemia. When the “deadly germ” is osculated into the mouth, and from there into the stomach, it is digested. Stay in bed, poise mind and body, and fast. Who is an infidel?