Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart has 21 ratings and 4 reviews. Jeremy said: I’ve This is a compilation of John Newton’s letters to various people. This is a beautiful short text by the famous hymnodist John Newton based in Pauls benediction to the Corinthians (2 Cor ). There is nothing more Biblically. Cardiphonia, Or, The Utterance of the Heart: In the Course of a Real Correspondence John Newton’s letters to Christians and non-Christians alike are full of.

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It befits us to be humbled into the dust; yet our grief, though it cannot be too great — may be under a wrong direction; and if it leads us to impatience or distrust, it certainly is so.

The Lord was cardipbonia to lead him, he tells us, for the space of about six years in a secret way, and his religious conceptions were in many respects confused. It is a pleasant relief to the attention which, otherwise, is apt to become wearied in the continuous perusal of a series of letters, especially of this class, however excellent in themselves, where there is otherwise no natural break nor pause.

Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart by John Newton

But I have a good hope that if you seem to have lost in point of sensible affections — you have proportionally gained in knowledge, judgment, and an establishment in the faith.

It has been thought desirable to introduce each series of letters with a slight biographical sketch of the correspondent to whom such letters are addressed.

I think Christians ought to be very cautious what concessions they make upon this newwton. We dare not entirely shut him out of our regards — but we are too apt to allow something to share with him.

When we have opportunity of enjoying many ordinances, it is a mercy to be able to prize and improve them; but when He cuts us short for a season, if we wait upon him — we shall do well without them.

He proceeds to say that the fellowship of Captain Clunie, a man of experience in the things of God, was greatly helpful to him. They dare not, they will not ascribe anything to themselves — but are glad to acknowledge, that they must have perished a thousand times over — if Jesus had not been their Savior, their Shepherd, and their Shield! May the good Lord keeps us from his delusions! Martha Pike rated it it was amazing Jan 11, May that little meeting be as a garden planted and watered by the Lord.


Paul describes his own case in a few words, ” Without were fightings; within were fears. It is lawful to wish we were well; it is natural to groan, being burdened; but still He must and will take his own course with us; and however dissatisfied with ourselves, we ought still to be thankful that He has begun his work in us, and to believe that He will also make an end.

This appears to be a print-on-demand book in which either the original scan or the printer is of low resolution. Paul Galloway marked it as to-read May 21, That which is our cross — is not so likely to be our snare.

They are supported by almighty power — and led on to certain victory. Would you have assurance?

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I apprehend the spirit of these and similar passages of Scripture for it would be easy to adduce a larger number, will bring a Christian under such restrictions as follow. But the Scripture undoubtedly furnishes sufficient and infallible rules for every person, however circumstanced; and the throne of grace is appointed for us to wait upon the Lord for the best exposition of his precepts. The Lord deals with us as children. It is generally true that the time of espousals, the beginning of our profession, is attended with sensible sweetnesses and a liveliness of spirit which we afterwards look back upon with regret when we are led into a different dispensation.

But I must write a sermon rather than a letter — if I would enumerate all the good fruits which, by the power of sanctifying grace, are produced from this bitter tree.

There the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in all quarters, and multitudes rejoice in the light. Just so, when a sense of sin prevails, and the tempter is permitted to assault us with dark and dreadful suggestions — it is easy for another to say, “Do not be afraid!


We proposed to open it next Tuesday evening; but if the present very sharp weather continues, we may perhaps defer it a week longer.

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I observe some of the London porters do not appear to be very strong men; yet they will trudge along under a burden which some stouter people could not carry so well; the reason is, they are accustomed to carry burdens, and by continual exercise their shoulders acquire a strength suited to their work. Mar 31, Duke Revard rated it it was amazing Shelves: The strain of Mr.

Where Christ has a church — Satan will have a synagogue; where the Spirit produces any graces — Satan, like the magicians of Egypt, will do something as like it, and yet as unlike neton, as possible. Newton; and, ever afterwards, in various ways, showed a true friendship for him.

She had known the gospel about seven years before the Lord visited her with a lingering consumptionwhich at length removed her to a better world. Thomas Jones was one of the six students who, inwere expelled from St. Let us first pray that the eyes of our faith and understanding may be opened and strengthened; and then let us fix our whole gaze upon Him! Have we been enabled to put ourselves into his hand?

Cardiphonia : or, The utterance of the heart

I have been some time in a morning on Isaiah 42; today began the 5th verse. Though as weak as a worm in himself — his arms are strengthened by the mighty God of Jacob, and all things become possibleyes easy to him, which occur within the compass of his proper duty and calling.

Jones, to quote the following relation of this act of bigotry and injusticeas it appeared in the St. The best mark to judge by, and which He has given us for that purpose — is to inquire if his word and will catdiphonia a prevailing, governing influence upon our lives and temper.