the Protrepticus of Aristotle and the Antidosis of Isocrates, has brought to light a Isocrates delivered in his own defense of rhetorical education, the Antidosis. Isocrates’ Antidosis. (Text from Perseus Project Archive–for educational use.) We ought, therefore, to think of the art of discourse just as we think of the other arts. Too (Y.L.) A Commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosis. Pp. χ. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, Cas. ISBN: doi/.

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This text is part of: He tries to withdraw himself from the public interfering and intrusive efforts made into democratic politics.

A Commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosis

The formatting of the website made it hard to isocraates a link to the text, which was somewhat hidden. Concerning the Team of Horses. Academic Skip to main content. I found this text by searching the Perseus online archive, which we had discussed in class. Isocrates argued this fine was based on the fact people thought he was wealthier than he actually was.

Examples are Lysimachus being the person who has brought Isocrates to antidosiis for this crime, and the crime being different from the one with which he was actually accused. A man who is trained in rhetoric is trained in truth, and the creation of that truth through oratory. I would recommend this database. Since he was nearing the anridosis of his life, he presumably would have wanted to leave behind a legacy of a devoted and moderate citizen to his home town and to justify his life as a service to Athens and the citizens to whom he taught rhetoric.

I found the Internet archive and initially had difficulty finding the text. View text chunked by: Isocrates states that the teacher should be judged by his students, in that if they do good and moral works then the teacher has done a good job and should be praised.

Marzluf engages scholarly audiences who are interested in the fields of classic Greek rhetoric and modern composition theory by connecting these two fields and examining how classic opinions of aptitude are still prevalent in current composition studies, especially the area of basic writing.

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The law inspired Isocrates’ Antidosiswhich was written in the form of a court case where Isocrates had to defend himself from a charge of corrupting the youth by teaching them how to speak well in order for them to gain an unfair advantage over their peers. University of Toronto Libraries, n.

A Commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosis – Yun Lee Too – Oxford University Press

Extract from Against the Sophists. Views Read Edit View history. All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. Hence he agrees to submit angidosis the punishment if any of his students can be shown to be bad influences on society and challenges his accuser to present even one student antudosis could be said to belong to the group of degenerate youth.

Unicode Buckwalter transliteration View by Default: There is no specific mention of anything that would prove him innocent in this particular case.

Aristophanes’ Wasps Kenneth Rothwell. Isocratic Ambivalence and the Ethics of Composition. A Commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosis Yun Lee Too The first sustained reading of a fascinating and important text in the atidosis of rhetoric Includes a full translation of the Antidosis Provides an extensive introduction that places the work in its social and intellectual context.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: He claimed this distorted perception of his wealth isocratss due to his popularity as a public figure. I would recommend Perseus to other students; however, it is necessary for students to take some time to get to know the technology before it is user friendly.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

If the supposedly richer man disagreed with the terms, then the entirety of their estates would be exchanged and the now more wealthy man would have to perform the liturgyas originally planned. Hutchinson and Monte Ransome Johnson Isocrates, PanathenaicusIsoc. Another idea by scholars is that early on in the AntidosisIsocrates reads aloud that he is being indicted for corrupting his students.

Antidosis – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat If the discourse which is now about to be read 1 had been like the speeches which are produced either for the law-courts 2 or for oratorical display, 3 I should not, I suppose, have prefaced it by any explanation. Leave a reply Cancel reply Comment.


Original Language Translation Browse Bar: Duncan Garrow and Chris Gosden. This commentary on Isocrates’ Antidosiswhich includes a full translation as well as an extensive introduction, demonstrates that a rhetorician may do so by assuming roles isocratees subvert many of the conventions invoked by the genre – a non-speaker in a rhetorical community, a rhetorician in a world where rhetorical performativity has derogatory connotations, a philosopher following the trial of Socrates.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single isocrate. Antidosis itself is divided into short sections. Isocrates, To Philip1. Choose your country or region Close.

Isocrates, “Antidosis”

To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Isocrates argues that native ability is necessary for becoming a good orator, along with a proper education on the subject and practical experience. Isocrates, Antidosis George Norlin, Ed. He is accused of educating his students to speak against the courts, question the laws, and think for themselves.

Email requiredwill not be published. Hutchinson and Monte Johnson pointed out [6]. Show by default Hide by default. Although this work is put forward by Isocrates as his imagined defense in a legal case, it is more a treatise on morality and teaching.

Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: With this ability, the students may trick people by convincing them of false truths which could ultimately allow the students to corrupt the government. Cross-references to this page 2: For Isocrates to be sentenced to death would be to ignore the public service that he has performed for the city, by which he has devoted his life to giving its citizens a proper rhetorical education.