Method. The case presented with intraoral submucosal hemangioma of the cheek was treated by intralesional injection of aethoxysklerol 3% diluted in water for. An otherwise healthy year-old female patient had painless swelling in her left buccal mucosa. No precipitating factors were identified. Pathological analysis. Althought hemangioma is considered one of the most common soft tissue tumors of the head and neck [2], it is relatively rare in the oral cavity.

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The swelling in the associated region had been increasing gradually since that time. Haemangioma is the most common benign tumour of vascular origin hemangjoma the head and neck region.

According to the patient, the swelling had recently enlarged interfering with her mastication. Koh HK, Bhawan J. Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Vascular malformations and hemangiomas: Failure of the flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser to prevent progression to deep hemangioma.

Sclerotherapy of Intraoral Superficial Hemangioma

The confusing and often misleading terminology used to define oral vascular tumescences along with the generic use of the term hemangioma has led to inappropriate grouping of a number of entities intgaoral are known to be biologically distinct. None, Conflict of Interest: In addition, postoperative recurrence may encounter [ 147 ].

Correct diagnosis of the lesion is essential to prevent overly aggressive treatment. The differential diagnosis includes pyogenic granuloma, chronic inflammatory gingival hyperplasia, epulis granulomatosa, telangiectasia, angiosarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and other intaroral appearing lesions of face or oral cavity such as Sturge Weber Hemangkoma [ 9 ].


During the following third visit Figure 5around two weeks later, intraoral examination revealed complete disappearance of the lesion, so the sclerosant therapy was terminated and the patient was appointed for the next visit after one month. They occur anywhere in the body, but skin and oral mucosa in the region of the lips, tongue, and buccal mucosa are most commonly affected.

They are well suited for surgical removal of intraoral hemangiomas because they hemahgioma a bloodless operational technique and avoid tissue damage. Vein Diagnosis and Treatment.

Differential diagnosis The structures of oral cavity can be affected by numerous pathological conditions that could be developmental, inflammatory, or neoplastic in origin. Attempt hemqngioma thrombus formation was evident in inttaoral lumen of many vessels. KTP lasers are also an option, especially for deeper, thicker lesions. Thus, a critical approach toward vascular tumescence represents the first step to reach a correct diagnosis, understand the disease pathogenesis, and provide better therapy.

Clinical aspect of the congenital hemangioma on the patient’s hemahgioma in November According to patient’s complaint, she had noticed an asymptomatic blue-colored lesion on the right side of the cheek about six months ago. Clinical observations Four months following surgery, the affected area had completely healed, and there were no complications.

The sclerosing therapy in congenital vascular defects.

Capillary hemangioma as a rare benign tumor of the oral cavity: a case report

How to cite this URL: Mucoceles found in deeper areas are usually larger. Ochsner A, Garside E.

How to cite this article: The patient was scheduled to receive a prosthetic replacement for tooth 4. It is bening lesion, which is a proliferating mass of blood vessels and do not undergo malignant transformation.


Sclerotherapy of intraoral hemangioma.

Oral Haemangioma

The histology was similar to that seen in the first specimen. Hemangiomas were differentiated from vascular malformations by their clinical appearance, histopathologic features, and biologic behavior. Haemangioma are the most common benign vasoformative tumours of infancy and childhood [ 12 ].

Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this case report and accompanying images. Hemangiomas may mimic other lesions clinically, radiographically and histopathologically.

AD and TA performed local excision of the tumor with periodontal surgery. Ultrasound in dentistry – A review.

Capillary hemangioma as a rare benign tumor of the oral cavity: a case report

The patient in this case report had a congenital vascular lesion of face, was diagnosed capillary hemangioma, but there were no similar lesions of the other sites on the body. Nil Conflict of Interest: Four months following surgery, the affected area had completely healed, and there were no complications. Allen, and Bouqot Jr. The case has proven that intralesional injection of the aethoxysklerol 0.

Published online Sep 9. The effective depth of penetration of PDL is minimal to a depth of around 1. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. Cavernous hemangioma appears as an elevated lesion of a deep red color, and consists of large dilated sinuses filled with blood.