DownloadImmergas eolo star 23kw user manual. My Keyspan USB PDA adapter does in just five inches what Belkin has managed to attempt in three feet. write. EOLO Star 23 kW – Immergas. Views. 5 years ago. Eolo, · Domestic, · Input, · Nominal, · Boiler, · Valve, · Thermostat, · Burner, · Digital. Our compliments for having chosen a top-quality Immergas product, able to assure well-being DECLARES THAT: the Immergas boiler model: Eolo Star 24 3 E.

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The boiler ignites automatically with each demand for room heating or hot water production. Presiunea la arztor este n funcie de gazul utilizat la temperatura 15 C.

Selectare tip de gaz. Eventuala Comand la Distan Digital trebuie s fie racordat stad bornele 40 i 41 pe placa electronic n central respectnd polaritatea vezi schema electric. This ensures that the optimal safety, performance and operation characteristics of the boiler remain unchanged over time. Simple thermostat for the manual regulation of the temperature.

Citii cu atenie paginile ce urmeaz: Using a suitable recess frame, it is possible to fit the boiler inside the wall, configuration type C, or with direct outdoor air intake, thanks to the ventilated recess frame.

Punerea n funciune a centralei verificarea iniial. Descaling must be carried out on the domestic hot water side of the bithermal heat exchanger in accordance with good practice. Aceasta poate fi redus ulterior prin modificarea parametrului P6. Le spedizioni dei prodotti acquistati avvengono normalmente nelle ore successive alla ricezione del pagamento, se non diversamente specificato nell’inserzione stessa. Learn More – opens in a solo window or tab Returns: Specially sized for large thermal systems with high water content.

To be mainly used when the pump is dimensioned by designer. Dup o rcire corespunztoare, eliminai starea de blocare datorit supratemperaturii apsnd tasta Reset 1.

Connect it to clamps 40 —41 eliminating jumper X To be combined with the flanged stub-pipe for vertical outlet code 3. To facilitate boiler maintenance the casing can be completely removed as follows: No boiler pipes must ever be used to earth the electric system or telephone lines.


Instalarea trebuie realizat 23ka prescripiilor normativelor n vigoare, n special cele ale Prescripiei Tehnice pentru aparate cu combustibil gazos P.

Make sure the system pressure and expansion vessel pre-charge values are within the set limits; the pre-charge value for the expansion vessel must be 1. In this configuration the upper cover kit guarantees additional protection for the boiler. Position the fixed half-shell 7 and insert the intake-exhaust pipe 6.

Nu curai centrala sau prile sale cu substane uor inflamabile. Reglarea i verificarea arztorului se realizeaz cu ajutorul unui manometru diferenial tip U sau digital, conectat wtar priza de presiune situat deasupra camerei etane part.

Piese immergas star centrale murale

For the main power supply to the appliance, never use adapters, multiple sockets or extension leads. O instalare greit poate cauza daune persoanelor, animalelor sau lucrurilor, pentru 23jw productorul nu poate fi fcut rspunztor.

Evacuarea fumului trebuie realizat ntr-un tub de fum colectiv special, de tip LAS, proiectat n mod expres de ctre personal tehnic calificat, urmnd metodologia de calcul i prevederile normativelor tehnice naionale.

Never expose the suspended boiler to direct vapours from a cooking surface. Our technician will verify the correct functioning conditions; he will perform the necessary calibrations and will demonstrate the correct use of the generator. The Eolo Star 24 3 boiler has been designed for wall mounted installation or installation inside the wall using the recessed frame provided; they must be used to heat environments, to produce hot water and similar purposes.

For solar installations managed with cascade and zone regulator two probes are necessary. Fiecare component a kitului are un anumit Sgar de Rezisten obinut prin probe experimentale i prezentate n tabelele urmtoare.

Acest terminal special permite evacuarea fumului i aspirarea aerului necesar combustiei n sensul vertical. Never leave the boiler switched on if left unused for prolonged periods. Factori de Rezisten i lungimi echivalente. Aceast funcie reduce temperatura de nclzire la 57C n cazul n care este sesizat o curgere n circuitul sanitar pe durata funcionrii n regim de nclzire.


Immergas EOLO Star 23 kW Manuals

Priz de presiune intrare valv gaz 6. Acesta va consemna n certificatul de garanie data punerii n funciune. Air intake takes place directly from the external environment the recessed frame is thus ummergas and flue exhaust in the flue or outdoors.

With support for placing on the floor. Presostat ap instalaie stag To adjust the timer values, follow instructions for parameter settings by selecting parameter P7 and set it with one of the values indicated on the relative table. Se produce n cazul 23mw care apare o circulaie redus a apei n circuitul primar al schimbtorului de cldur cod Only for recessed installation with codes 3.

Immergas supplies various solutions separately from the boiler regarding the installation of air intake terminals and flue extraction, which are fundamental for boiler operation.

EOLO Star 24 KW

For correct functioning of the boiler it is necessary to install a diaphragm on the outlet of the sealed chamber and before the intake and exhaust immregas Fig. Priz de presiune semnal pozitiv Eolo Star 24 3 Ro Documents.

With installations in central heating systems, using up to 5 units in the battery, in configuration open chamber fan assisted, Immergas supplies special exhaust manifolds in PP equipped with flue lock mechanical shuttersto prevent backflow of combustion products through the other non-functioning boilers. Centralele din seria Eolo Star au ncorporate pompe de circulaie cu regulator electric al vitezei n trei trepte. Immergass requires the use of ducts declared to be suitable for the purpose by the manufacturer.

Funcia de aprindere lent cu furnizare de gaz n ramp temporizat For installation with direct air intake, type C is used outdoors, type B22 is used indoors. Instructions for use and maintenance.