W zestawie znajdziesz idiomy zawierające nazwy kolorów oraz ich polskie Zestaw przeznaczony jest dla uczących się angielskiego na wszystkich poziomach. uczyş angielskich idiomów, zarazem bawiĈc Czytelnika. Kaİdy jčzyk ma stronie, na której zostaã podany idiom, znajduje sič jego polski odpowiednik, czčsto. Zbiór naturalnych zwrotów i idiomów angielskich, od średniozaawansowanych do zaawansowanych, przygotowany dla Ciebie przez studentów Instytutu.

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To say or do something that you know will harm someone’s reputation. You knew that if people find out about Charlie’s past idikmy will get suspicious.

A film that shows people having sex.

It didn’t hurt anybody and it sure made him feel better! Sam pollsko-angielskie a yellow streak down his back. My sister blackmailed me into cleaning her room by using my childhood photos and threatening to show them to my new boyfriend. It’s not typical for men to be pink-collar workers but polsko-angieskie happens more and more often. Something that costs a lot of money and is useless or troublesome. I remember what it was like to be green.


Colours – English Idioms And Sayings → Rozpocznij Naukę / Ściągnij Fiszki MP3

Well, I know I polskp-angielskie have told Alex the truth but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I know it’s only one finger but it feels like I can’t move my hand at all. I know that the invitation said “black tie” but it doesn’t mean you actually need to wear a black tie.

It costs me a lot to keep it in a good state and I can’t sell ppolsko-angielskie because that would break their hearts! No one wants to deal with red tape but everybody has to. About a person who is always good and honest. A person who performs a manual labour except agriculture.

I have no idea what to do now. Being the only one in his family who’s not a doctor Mark is thought to be a black sheep. Maybe we should come to a stop for a moment?

You’re white as a sheet.

Naturalne zwroty i idiomy angielskie (+ Audio)

I think we need to roll out the red carpet for her. A prize for first place; something that is excellent, the best of particular group. To edit, correct or delete.

Ever since she started dating James she sees everything through rose-coloured glasses. Polsko-zngielskie, blue-pencil as much as you like in my book.


A list of people, organizations etc.

Carrie has been in a blue funk since the accident. No wonder you’re feeling a bit depressed today. My boss gave me a green light to start working on this polxko-angielskie project. You can find stolen goods on the black market. To avoid thinking about or remembering something usually because it is stressful or unpleasant.

To become unconscious suddenly for a short time. Aunt Marge talked a blue streak and we had to sit there and listen to her all day. I think we can actually win this year.

A lie you tell in order to be polite or to stop somebody from being upset by the truth. A person who is employed in a job that is traditionally considered to be women’s work e.

The blood of polwko-angielskie noble family; a member of a wealthy family. I wonder how long this list must be by now.