How to Meditate has ratings and 64 reviews. Mark said: Meditation can get a bad rap. Often times, the strong opinion of religious folks can deter oth. How to Meditate. BY Lawrence LeShan. A few years ago, I was at a small conference of scientists all of whom practiced meditation on a daily basis. Toward the. Bring the gift and peace of meditation into your life with this easy-to-follow instructional program. No matter how great the demands on your time, here are.

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Overall this was exactly what I wanted out of one of these types of books. He follows up with a chapter on the “traps” of mysticism that is convincingly effective. It seems that he has mastered the subject, and helps to connect the dots in areas that were vague to me. You do it for a multitude of reasons such as strengthening your mind, making your self understand what and why you feel things, and a deepening of understanding as to who you really are.

He is the bestselling author of a wide-ranging series of books on science, medicine, and psychology. One is specifically for psychologists you’d think it would be totally fascinating but it’s pretty dull, though helpful for a shrink who wants to integrate meditation into too treatment and Medittate found the last chapter to be a rambling and unhelpful wrap-up.

My only criticism is that the writing is a little slow and the second half to the book tends t Dr LeShan is an authority on Meditation and it comes through in his book, speaking from years of experience practicing and from teaching. On the contrary, How to Meditate delves into a wide variety of meditation styles that have roots in religion, and it quotes from spiritual teachers across a range of religions—including the mystic branches of Christianity and Islam.

This is meditxte the tip of the iceberg. Find a comfortable position – sittintg, laying or standing – set a timer for fifteen minutes and begin. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. I consider myself to be a practitioner of meditation. Another benefit is derived not from how well you meditate lsehan how hard you work at it which enables one to t toward goal oriented behavior.


If you’ve read my reviews, you will see that I read a lot of business books. There is one oddity of organization. There is also an earlier chapter that discusses a broad taxonomy of meditation and sub-classes of meditation. With his simple, straightforward approach, Lawrence LeShandemystifies meditation. Christians with an interest in mystical approaches to their religion.

Learn how your comment data is processed. An easy read and a very thorough guide to meditation. This wasn’t really a problem though and the author actually warns the reader in the beginning of that chapter that ‘you might not care about this subject’ and lets you know that ‘it’s okay to skip to the next chapter without missing anything’. Other than the stuff about ESP, I found this to be a wonderful and helpful book.

Very good I don’t think I have ever read a better introduction to the general practice of meditation. The book also tries to tie up the ancient practices with the current psycho-analytical practices.

I am secular, to be sure, and this book deals with the why and how of mediation without all the religious crap. Perhaps a little dated in its mention of current research and attitudes about ESP, drugs, and psychology, but nothing too far from current ideals. Dec 19, Jer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Looking for beautiful books? Seriously, two thumbs up. Training my baby puppy to sit on that pad.

How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan on Audio Download

Meditage to Book Page. Dec 12, Amit rated it it was amazing. This is where it’s important to be incisive and separate the gold from the rubbish, there is some good ideas on again exercising that focus for getting a greater mental clarity. If you are interested in meditation, this is a great short book to pick up.


Repeat the counts one through four concentrating on only counting breaths until the timer ends. I find that to be a bit unrealistic, but if you are looking for a book that will direct you on which path to start your meditation journey, this book is well worth the read. It would seem these two chapters should go together as they both deal with things that detract from meditative practice, and not with the central chapter wedged between them.

While suggesting that paranormal feelings and events should be excluded from the process of meditation he does not deny that they hw. Have patience with the techniques, as they take a while to learn and apply.

How to Meditate

Hopefully, I will pick this book at a later time at leisure and practice more. I said to the almond tree, “Sister, speak to me of God,” And the almond tree blossomed. Not medjtate book religious teachings or other such hocus pocus.

How a Meditation Feels. On the contrary, How to Meditate delves into a wide variety of meditation styles that have roots in religion, and it quotes from spiritual teachers across a range of lleshan the mystic branches of Christianity and Islam. Finally, the afterword by Edgar N.

There are a couple chapters devoted to ideas that people believe that both have little evidence of meditahe in reality and which detract from meditation. I was glad to learn I was on to something.

Jackson provides a summing up and places LeShan’s book in the context of the history of spiritual thought.