HoRenS. o. Gurgaon February General HORENSO Refreshment Course Information Presented Sanjay Verma, 21st Feb HORENSO-MEANING. HORENSO is a way of information sharing by bringing members’ understandings and coordinating actions about changing environments that happen in and out. The importance of “HoRenSo” in business communication in Japanese companies comes up often. “HoRenSo” is short for “houkoku” (report).

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With complete information, team members will be empowered to make decisions and act in the most productive way.

On their own, they decide that it is a simple fix, and they can do it themselves. What is in the DVD? The consultants proved to be knowledgeable in all aspects of business operation, and flexible to my business needs.

Traiining small increment of progress is shared, and feedback is sought. Report Hokoku Report to your supervisor or project leader, to communicate the situation and status, or to seek information or advice as necessary.

Enter your registered e-mail address to reset your password. Instead of assuming that they can fix it themselves, they should Consult with others to get their advice.

Maslow’s highly customized solutions, combined with their profound knowledge and understanding of Organizational Development, have delivered exceptional results and have rendered Trainint as indispensable value adding partner to our organization.

It is common knowledge that miscommunication is a leading factor in many problems. They want others to think that “you can always count on me.

Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. We have been incorporating with Maslow Trainers and Consultants for a number of projects. Maslow’s ability to Localize International Business Concepts to meet our needs is very impressive. HoRenSo comes from 3 Japanese words: Log in Sign up Email address. They instituted an amount of control that prevented Americans from utilizing their engineering skill creatively, which was why the Japanese wanted to work with them in the first place.


We were very pleased with the services provided and found they were extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to Maslow Trainers and Consultants for all your hard work, follow-up, and excellent communication over the past few years. If this does not occur, the situation will only grow worse.

There are many benefits to incorporating the ” Ho-Ren-So ” philosophy. Japanese problem solving system is sometimes abbreviated as Ho hokokuor ReportRen renraku, or Contact and So sodan, or Consult. The function for enterprises to register and post job orders are not yet released.

A fundamental communication system.

Basics of business communication! The “HoRenSo” of Japanese companies

Also, if the malfunction is fixed, the original phenomenon is gone, so it is much harder to find the cause. Horenso is sometimes rendered in Roman letters as hourensou. Read more about Japanese recruitment information, see Japanese-Jobs. Top 7 reasons to work for a Japanese company.

They will be able to take action accordingly, and work parallel with you. The biggest issue for the Japanese was that the Americans did not share all problems and solutions with them. Please enter your registered Email address.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The highly customized solutions, frequent updates and proper consultations have been unique and very beneficial. The concept of ho-ren-so, which are Japanese abbreviations for report, update and consult respectively, was originally developed for use in the manufacturing industry.

Basics of business communication! The “HoRenSo” of Japanese companies |

Our reluctance to ask for help probably stems from our pioneer roots. All of these are caused by the lack of communication.

This may cause the company to make a loss as a result. Have you ever wondered what happened to the report that was supposed to be submitted today? Ho-ren-so is a strictly one-way process, with no information horesno passed back down the hierarchy. Japanese business terms Mantras Mnemonics.


The aim is to ensure horenao input can be incorporated in a timely manner, and surprises are avoided. This system says that when a problem occurs, workers should Report the issue, and not keep it to themselves. With teams like that, full knowledge of the situation by all members of the team is essential to ensure project success.

These are very common situations in the organisation. Using Horenso to Achieve degree Communication. How to test for electrified flood waters without tools.

Application in advance or for any inquiries, please click here. As you horensl see in the diagram, the focus here is to communicate to three main groups of people, in different ways: Horenso teaches you to be a team player, rather than being an individual in an organisation. The fishbone or Ishikawa diagram is another way to visualize your 5-why analysis, and allows you to classify your analysis into broad cat For example, if a project is not progressing as planned and horfnso do not consult with a superior, you may be unable to increase in staff or revise the schedule in response to the delay.

At iRikai, we work very closely with Japanese firms who want their Japanese employees to understand Indian business culture and also their Traniing employees to understand Japanese jorenso culture.

Failure to contact will create troubles for the people involved and other believe you to be untrustworthy.