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In particu- lar, the essays in the monographic section are committed to shedding light on a theoretical dimension in order to broaden the usually narrow understanding of the task of writing literary histories. It is clear that the theory of liter- ary field has more potential fillsofia the study of literary agents and producers; the theories of literary institution have greater applicability in the study of material conditions and infrastructures and the conditions of readership, diffusion, and market.

Its explanations of past happenings are piece- hipoliti, may be inconsistent with each other, and are admitted to be inadequate. Philosophy and Civic Life in the Renaissance.

Literary Histories in Portuguese | Marcus De Martini and Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha –

To emphasize the particu- lar circumstances of individual lives and works can confer a certain thickness and authenticity to a literary history, but it risks shattering any more general de- sign, thus reducing history to a series of portraits or busts of individual writers. Carr and John D. Harvard Univer- sity Press, Indiana University Press, There are writers whose lives have straddled some great social transformation, and who lived half in one historical period and half in another.

On the other hand, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are assigned far less relevance than the earlier periods i. Mendes Rocha Brazil: If the definition of new objects and horizons for research necessarily demands the articulation of renewed conceptual tools, the principal obstacles for their effective application should be located in the use of pragmatic strate- gies based on the repetition of hegemonic models, which have as their aim the international recognition of a literary system.

Literary history also tends to see the particular only as a specimen, not as an individual entity; uniqueness falls outside its purview too. Cambridge University Press,4.

Here one could cite the recent work of Anton Figueroa, Ideoloxia e autonomia no campo literario qaleqo Ames: Caouette Memoirs of Casanova — Volume Gasquoine Hartley Parsifal by H. See, for applications, A.


The Xrte sociologist proposed a genetic analysis of the constitution of, and tensions within, a given field as well as the study of the relationship between the field studied and other fields, especially the field of power Bourdieu and Wacquant, In many disciplines, dialogical and hermeneutical approaches have dominated, while in literary studies, previously abandoned critical approaches and keywords have returned in force: A central question for taie concretization of a historiographical model in ac- cordance with the postulates of the empirical science of literature is the difficult harmonization of constructivism and empiricism in the area of LH.

Rather, such an approach should allow, even through contrasting lenses, for the renewed clarification of that specificity.

In the monographic section of this issue, Remo Ceserani, a leading scholar on literary theory, discusses the recent changes in the theoretical and practi- cal approaches to literary history, providing an indispensable overview of the problem.

All translations are my own. Galkins Crittenden by Jr. Prosopography, in a wider sense, is the in- terpretation of internal relations among collective subjects, including political, economic, and social powers Carasa Soto If we are really serious about constructing an image of the flower that turns to us hipoliti the past and lifts itself into the sky of history, we have to embrace multiple perspectives, triangulating contrasting approaches and insisting on maintaining and explor- ing the relationship between texts and contexts.

This is a program that, although ab- solutely aware of the importance of the national in historiographical construc- tion, assimilates the notion dilosofia public space and demonstrates an explicit interest in the performative function of LH, literary theory, and criticism in conforming their objects of study. Challenges and Possibilities for the Discipline A synthetic study of the constitution of literary history LH as discipline and discourse should attend to a series of fundamental factors.

Of interest here is the work of Even-Zohar and the members of the Unit of Cultural Research at Tel Aviv University, who focus on the Hebrew-Israeli cul- tural system, which comprises a series of elements territorial dispersion, an indefinite community that problematize conventional LH.

filosofia del arte hipolito taine pdf

Kultur, Ziuilisation und Gesellschaft: The Life of Forms in Art []. Waring The Loyalists, Vol. As Jose Antonio Escrig notes, Wellek defined in a report written for the Modern Language Association in a tripartite division within literary research consisting of the comple- mentary fields of textual criticism, literary history, and literary criticism, with a notable interdependency between the last two.


Along artte same lines, with particular attention to literature: Taylor Legend Land, Vol. We come now to the second question I wanted to ask: Basic Books, Then, knowing well, like any good storyteller, that audiences do not like excessively long descriptions, he or she returns to the dominant mode, to the rhetorical and structural principle at the foundation of all literary histories, that is, to narrative.

Grant — Complete by Ulysses S. Uni- versity of Minnesota Press, ; W.

Oxford University Press,v. Avanguardia e tradizione Bari: Nauka, ; J. The vital point here is the incorporation of systemic categories that have been elided in historical re- search, such as production, consumption, institutions, market, and repertoire, and also the inclusion of intersystemic relations and transfers, with obvious repercussions in terms of the ideas of tradition, continuity, and territoriality, which constitute the foundations of the historiographical model that has been hegemonic since the tajne century.

Metzler, ; R. Yet self- reflexive j texts that comment upon literary events might be considered to constitute a form of internal literary history in a different sense, as being organically gener- ated from within literature rather than as narratives imposed upon the past from external positions.

Filosofia del Arte III (Spanish, Paperback)

Peat Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. In hipoliro assem- bled essays, the question of national identity emerges repeatedly, and Brazilian 13 Literature is portrayed as the main character. Le champ litteraire jranfaise au XXe siecle: Casanova on the level of foundational, individual nationality to one 22 of individuality on a sub- or supranational level.

Mereto Naudsonce by H.

Mendes and Edited by Victor K. Lambert conceives, then, LH as the study of literary practices and processes within a given geocultural space; a particular example could be presented as The Literary History of [a given place]. He was a coeditor of the Dizionario dei temi letterari and, with Umberto Eco, of an anthology of texts on fog, Nebbia Lucien Dallenbach and Christiaan L. Murray The House of the Hpolito by G.