Free Online Library: Hiperplasia condilar, diagnostico y manejo clinico a proposito de un caso clinico.(CASO CLINICO, Ensayo) by “Revista Facultad de. Case report. Facial asymmetry secondary to mandibular condylar hyperplasia. A case report. Alberto Wintergerst Fisch,* Carlos Iturralde Espinosa,§ Santiago. Title: Tratamento da assimetria facial causada por hiperplasia condilar: série de casos. (Portuguese); Alternate Title: Treatment of facial asymmetry caused by.

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Maxillary osteotomies were performed to advance the maxilla hipegplasia correct the occlusal cant. The aim of this investigation was to identify the bone repair observed in surgically treated condyles after 1 year using cone beam computed tomography CBCT.

The orthodontic surgical prediction was sent to the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. Revistas Revista Mexicana de Ortodoncia.


The surgery was in charge of the maxillofacial surgeon Juan Carlos Lopez Noriega and the fourth-year resident Carlos Acosta Behrends from the department of maxillofacial surgery. TMJ radiographs and CT scans may show changes biperplasia the size and hiperplasix of the mandibular condyle and condylar neck. Diagnosis and surgical procedure.

Intermaxillar fixation was used after surgery. This can be accomplished by performing a high condylectomy or condylar shaving in cases where the growth process is active.

For all the aforementioned reasons she was sent home to continue with post surgical orthodontic management. Besides all the aforementioned, there is pain caused by compression and displacement of peripheral structures. Nowadays, the combination of different parameters of nuclear medicine, clinical studies and imaging follow-up could determine the progressive and active nature of UCH. Role and regulation of vascularization processes in endochondral bones.

According to Wolford et al. Histologically, the osteochondroma consists of a proliferative bony mass covered by a cap of fibrocartilage and hyaline cartilage surrounded by fibrous tissue of the perichondrium, and ossification in the deep portion of the cartilage.

Slootweg PJ, Muller H. The case of a 20 year old man with severe class III maloclussion due to mandibular prognathism and maxillary retrusion who also presents severe laterognathia with condylar hyperplasia and deficient zygomatic projection with dental crowding caused by a collapsed maxilla is hereby presented.


Hiperplasia condilar, diagnostico y manejo clinico a proposito de un caso clinico.

A meta-analysis conducted by Saridin et al. Analysis and follow-up with 3D imaging. Faced with the refusal of the patient for a second surgical intervention a second treatment plan is designed: Facial asymmetry secondary to mandibular condylar hyperplasia. Strategies to minimize hypertrophy in cartilage engineering and regeneration.

The radioactive isotope is technetium 99, and increased radionuclide uptake by a hyperplastic condyle can be an indication of abnormal growth 5. Upon radiographic examination, Obwegeser and Makek 6 describe the enlargement of the condyle, with a deformed, generally irregular head and a thinned and elongated condylar neck. Hemimandibular hyperplasia which causes asymmetry in the vertical plane, hemimandibular elongation which causes asymmetry in the transversal plane, the third category would be a combination of the previous two entities.

The hyperplastic condyles were shown to have cancellous bone and peripheral cortical bone; there was cortical bone discontinuity in some cases Fig. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.

The preauricular incision is the most common approach to the TMJ, although other surgical approaches have been reported. CBCT image of treated condyle 3 weeks after condylectomy; clear osteotomy and without defects. An intermaxillary fixation was placed and the patient had his mouth closed for four weeks Figure 7. Basic considerations in the treatment of facial asymmetry secondary to condylar hyperplasia must include a control in the growth process to allow balanced facial development.

The 6-month control radiograph showed steady maintenance of anchoring devices in place and bone alignment Fig. Often premature contacts of the contralateral side at molar level are produced, preventing full elevation of the treated condyle.

They showed an approximately 2 x 2 cm translucent zone in the anterior medial portion of the condylar head Figure 3. However, the Risdon submandibular approach was also mentioned as being used for excision of the lesion in the mandibular condyle.

Condylar hyperplasia, facial asymmetry, orthognatic surgery, dentofacial deformity. Rev Fac Odontol Univ Antioq [online].

Nevertheless a crossbite can appear on that same side. To correct any associated facial deformities, contralateral mandibular ramus sagittal split osteotomy, maxillary osteotomy and genioplasty can be performed. Cephalometrically, the dental compensation was corrected and the verticality of the patient decreased due to the maxillary intrusion and mandibular auto rotation Figure 8.


It is important to psychologically prepare the patient yiperplasia accept the major changes that occur during and after the surgical-orthodontic treatment Figure To achieve the aforementioned, the most used procedures are unilateral or bilateral mandibular osteotomies, as well as Type Lefort I maxillary confilar to correct the occlusal plane. When this affects one of the mandibular condyles, it is called unilateral condylar hyperplasia UCH and is characterized as presenting alterations to both the condylar and facial morphology Olate et al.

We must take into consideration the limitations that a treatment may have when it is performed only by orthodontic camouflage, as well as the hiperplasiaa limitations that orthognathic surgery has in severe discrepancies such as the present case. In the present case, orthognathic surgery and TMJ surgery were performed concomitantly because the patient was an adult growth phase ceased and was unwilling to undergo two surgical procedures at different times.

Tratamento da assimetria facial causada por hiperplasia condilar: série de casos.

The morphological characteristics of the UCH have been reported clinically with the classic hiperllasia asymmetry, chin deviation and unilateral cross-bite Olate et al. The postoperative condylar morphology after 1 year from the surgery is clearly close to the morphology of normal condyles, having a rounded structure and a clear presence of cortical bone.

Nine individuals were included in this report aged from 15 to 20 years 6 female and 3 malewho underwent a high or proportional condylectomy for a diagnosis of UCH. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ; It has been established that fibrocartilage growth is part of the development of the disease Saridin et al.