Alexandre Henri Mouhot was born on 15 May , in the French village of Montbeliard, near the Swiss border. His father served in the administration of Louis. However, it turned out many of the folks we approached seemed clueless when asked about Henri Mouhot’s grave. One of them, a young. Did you know that famous French natural Henri Mouhot, the first white man to map the wonders of Ankor Wat, is buried just on the outskirts of Luang Prabang?.

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It caters for more of herni upmarket traveller — with packages on offer that combine elephant riding with private picnics at secluded waterfalls in the jungle.

He may have been fulfilling a long cherished dream to travel to Asia; or his concentration on natural history when he moved to Jersey may have stimulated his interest in acquiring unique specimens from the east; or, perhaps, a book, The Kingdom and People of Slam: He took pictures of landscapes, distinguished people and places of architectural interest.

Mouhot compared Angkor to the pyramids, for it was popular in the West at that time to ascribe the origin of all civilization to the Middle East. Mouhot’s tomb was consumed by the jungle and lost until it was accidentally rediscovered in by a French Laos scholar, Jean-Michel Strobino, who played a part in rehabilitating it with the support of the French embassy and the Municipality of Montbeliard, Mouhot’s birth town.

Most of the packages that you can book through this company offer a private boat drop-off to Tad Sae Waterfalls.

Many years later an official tombstone was erected at the site. Before his departure, Siamese in Bangkok told Mouhot that they knew of only one other foreigner in the past twenty-five years, a French priest, who had penetrated the heart of Laos and returned safely.


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Henri Mouhot’s tomb

The two families settled on the island of Jersey in the English Channel where Henri refined hneri study of the natural sciences, specialising in ornithology and conchology, and renewed his interest in foreign travel.

A page from Mouhot’s diaries with details of his observations on the temple of Angkor Wat.

In the spring ofMouhot left Chantaboun in a fishing boat and followed the coastline along the Gulf of Siam to Kampot, on the west side. Up to 1 million inhabitants lived in Angkor at the peak of the Khmer empire.

Thank You for Your Contribution! If not, find out why you need it. The preservation of Mouhot’s diaries, illustrations and specimens can be attributed to a fortuitous trip he made to the coastal town of Chantaboun Chantaburi where he met one of the two boys who became his travel attendants, and who packed up his materials and carried them from Luang Prabang to Bangkok after Mouhot’s death.

Henri Mouhot’s Grave

The mountains which, above and below this town, enclose the Mekong, form here a kind of circular valley or amphitheatre, nine miles in diameter, and which, there can be no doubt, was anciently a lake. It consists of an irregularly round portion in the north that narrows into a peninsula-like region stretching to the mmouhot. The newly married Mouhot may have had a lot to prove and live up to. Although they welcome drop-in visits, they prefer that you book ahead for your elephant experience as the park gets very busy and there are limited hours during which the elephants are active.

Two of his servants buried him near a French mission in Naphan, by the banks of the Nam Khan river.

Henri Mouhot’s tomb – Rough Guides | Rough Guides

Numerous western missionaries either saw or knew of Angkor at least three hundred years before Mouhot. You might have noticed large woven bamboo rubbish baskets on the streets of Luang Prabang.


Mouoht his first expedition, he visited Ayutthayathe former capital of Siam already charted territoryand gathered an extensive collection of insects, as well as terrestrial and river shells, and sent them on to England. Mouhot, an educated and cultured gentleman of the midth century, seemed an mouht person to want to explore the remote interior regions of South-East Asia. Mouhot did, however, popularise Angkor in the West.

Henri Mouhot’s Grave

I was intrigued by this extraordinary human being, and felt compelled to reflect upon the little-known man. They attacked the thicket with blows of their sabers and, indeed, I soon mojhot some scattered bricks on the ground: See below for more sights and activities in Luang Prabang that are listed on Travelfish.

He is likewise my cook, and shows his skill when we want to add an additional dish to our ordinary fare. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Inhe began devoting himself entirely to the study of Natural Science hendi that same year, he married the niece of Scottish explorer Mungo Park.

The website mounot function properly without these cookies. Mouhot himself, however, did not seem to be a hardcore colonialist, for he occasionally doubted the beneficial effects of European colonisation:. On his first expedition, he visited Ayutthayathe former capital of Siam already-charted territory and gathered an extensive collection of insects, terrestrial and river shells, and sent them on to England.

The grave itself is unremarkable, a plain white sepulcher and plaque.