: Heartbeat (): Sharon Creech: Books. Heartbeat and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook. In this novel told though a series of poems, Annie begins to experience changes: the birth of her baby brother, her friend Max’s decision to join the track team. A stunning accomplishment. This story pierces the heart.” —Chicago Sun-Times RUN RUN RUN. That’s what twelve-year-old Annie loves to do. When she’.

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Overall I give Heartbeat four out of five stars because of the way the author built a bond between Annie and the reader. This is how Annie delta with the problem, by punching Max. Annie used to think of the baby as “alien baby”, but the feeling she expresses, of huge relief that all is well, will be instantly recognised by every new parent.

She learns that things don’t always stay the way we want them to. As Shadon continued to read the book I heartbest that she lashed out a lot.

It feels like what we do. The birth of a new child, though, always seems to have the biggest impact of all, and in the rush of nervous excitement and unrestrained energy as the baby begins to come and everyone hurries to prepare for the delivery, Annie sees that no matter how the birth turns out, her life will never be the same.

Heartbeat by Sharon Creech

This book was highly recommended by one of my students who heartbfat to read sharkn all the time when she was in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. In the book Heartbeat there are so many reasons why I connected with Annie how ever these are the most important: She realizes that everything changes and she might have to change, too. True, they are, in the hands of a good writer like Creech, both elegant and economical. She balances Annie’s questions with her everyday activities of school, art class, and running.


It was so emotional and funny at some times. I feel like nothing in the book was inappropriate. We must have been a very noisy bunch, and I’m not sure how our parents put up with being cooped up with us in the car for those trips. There are places where the individual poem seems to be no more than a piece of prose cut up into sharno lines, but for the most part, they work well. Sep 28, JoDean rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Annie loves to run.

hesrtbeat Where does she fit in? I literally hugged this book to my chest. The baby emerging into life is the beginning of a continuum that ends in death.

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The book is also a great teaching tool because it talks about new concepts the girl is learning in English class, such as how to use footnotes, which she humorously uses throughout the rest of the book. Annie is ahead of her time, aware of her smallness in the world, questioning how she will ever possibly be complete enough to fill her place in it.

If you’re interested, read the first few pages to get a feel for Creech’s writing style. It will take you an hour to an hour and a half to read it, and it will feel good.

That olfactory memory is very strong with me, and when I walk into an art room now, I have the same reaction. But as she watches and listens, Annie begins to understand the many rhythms of life, and how she fits within them.

The problem in this story is how Annie is trying to figure out where she fits in. I would have also made the time to figure out how to print double sided.

He wants to join the track team at school, and he’d like Annie to join with him. It was a book that makes you think about life. Her best friend, Max, who runs with her every day, is desperate for trainers so that he can take part in a particular race, but he can’t afford them. That made her start to look at her life more closely, so then she was able to understand what was happening in her life better. I felt as if I were balancing on the cusp of some important life thread, and it was essential to try to understand where I was, in the larger scheme of things.


Reading this book was hard because it was all poetry, however it presented a challenge that I was more then willing to take. Trying to describe what it’s like, Annie thinks: A simple but powerful book dealing with the many facets of life as a middle school girl, Heartbeat gives us a glimpse into the life of year-old Annie.

He is sliding towards memory loss and the process grieves her. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Heartbeat (novel)

As I see it, most of what she learns flows from the contemplative, rhythmic way she observes the life built hearbteat her, her personal thoughts providing far better insight into it than any outside interpreter could have given. In verse, Sharon Creech presents a girl solid i Thump-thump, thump-thump. Annie admits that the thought sounds peculiar, but I think I get what she means.

Annie views her world heartbeatt fresh eyes every day, willing to see anew the heartbat in it and their situations and understand better how everything fits together. The girl’s track coach also takes the time to tell Annie that she thinks she has real talent as a runner, and it would be a shame to let that talent go to waste by not finding out what she might be capable of doing as part of a team.

Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. I especially enjoyed reading Sharon Creech’s note on her website about the inspiration behind Heartbeat: