GURPS Supers is a superhero roleplaying game written by Loyd Blankenship and published GURPS Supers for 4e was published in , one of several genre books published by Steve Jackson Games for the new edition For the 4th. I did some shopping around on a good system for a supers game. I have in GURPS reads like it might work, but I have never played GURPS. Supers functions just as well as any genre does in GURPS. 3e was fairly new, and only recently started to collect the books again for 4e.

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GURPS Supers

The rules book included advice on creating superhero campaigns, and ways for the game master to customize the style of the campaign. You cannot and should not balance bad mechanics by making them annoying to use.

She was points in 3e but in 4e. How would it do a supers game of about points allowing points of flaws? Digo Dragon – Artist. Both are very versatile and easy on the GM. Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover. I played in a superpowered police officers game at that sort of point levelalthough I would be careful at the level of disads you are looking at it may well be more than GURPS works with.

So a really strong buff superhero that can take a shot from a cannon is going to need a lot of DR, which is a lot of points. So many grownups, not enough adults. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.


Find More Posts by David Johnston. What I would really like is a game with as ssupers powers options as possible that is the most cinematic and GM friendly.

GURPS Supers

Men and women with strange powers protected ordinary mortals from a variety of threats, from street crime to world-shattering disasters.

And here she is as I converted her. Again, the latest version has mostly better art, though still uncolored. Another problem the books had was the artwork; it was crude and uncolored, zupers on the gurpss. Last edited by TheEmerged; at Find More Posts by Almafeta.

Originally Posted by scarmiglionne4. Does it work well? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

gurpa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not quite sure what points total I would useI seem to remember points in more elite commando’s than truly superhuman. GURPS appealed to me because of the options, but I am honestly intimidated at the zupers of running the game.

Weird Science — For fantastic and downright strange gear suitable for any super-genius — plus optional systems to create odd equipment and more rules for costumes.

GURPS 4e Supers Game: Does it work well?

This thread’s about updating 3e characters to 4e Get Known if you don’t have an account. Surf our site for the files you want. GURPS will do low to medium powered superheroes reasonably well. The time now is I am especially interested in free retroclones.

But I’m not a comic book person most of my superhero knowledge is from cartoons and what I hear my comic book friends talk aboutso maybe pulp is more like Watchmen?


Focused on drama and characterization, it provides: Power Groups were retained as an optional system. Originally Posted by Flyndaran Is there some reason why no vurps has mentioned summonable allies limited by what’s nearby? Orient – Japan [1]. The 20th century gave birth to a superw genre of fiction: There were several Sourcebooks put out for the game, the most famous being an adaptation of the Wild Cards superhero novels. All times are GMT I would think it will work for what you wanted.

Players can choose from several different basic types of gursp characters that influence how the character’s powers are selected. Originally Posted by TheEmerged. The time now is Mind Control, by default, can only control one subject at a time, and it has no area effect. Scott Gkrps New World, Part 9: Talk less; say more. Like one guy’s power is being a good detective and can shoot a gun better than average, or maybe having a bow with “just the right arrow” at all times.

Forest Grove, Beaverton, Oregon.

The first edition was published in Page 1 vurps 2. I considered Mind Control but Control Fish, Animals or Birds is for 1 hex of per level, so 5 level would be a 5 hex radius. This was fixed in the second edition, so that powers could be bought individually. Tags for this Thread gurps.