V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in He came to England on a scholarship in He spent four years at University College, Oxford, and began to write. Guerrillas has ratings and 82 reviews. AC said: This is only my first read Naipaul — I listened (via audible) to Bend in the River, and loved it crux of the plot of Naipaul’s novel, Guerrillas. This fictional text his literary achievements, Trinidad-born V. S. Naipaul has produced an impressive array.

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Nov 17, David Freeland rated it really liked it. Throughout the novel the dread is slowly unwinding until the terrifying ending.

What does that say about our ability to shape the world? TWs for this book: Ways of Looking and Feeling. Roche loves her, but also hopes that the island will claim her. I do really like certain aspects of this style, plot development, etc.

Roche guedrillas former South African hero who endured torture and wrote a book about it is also somewhat impotent, his relationship with Jane ending, his farm project on the island languishing.

S Naipaul received noble prize in literature and therefore his works deserve to be respected.


Despite that, he created quite a compelling character in Jimmy Ahmed – he could be portrayed as just a monster, or ridiculous, but he ends up being more. View all 4 comments. Knopf books Novels set in the Caribbean. Guerillas is a terrifying novel about race relations written with the sole intention of exposing liberals for what Naipaul perceives to be their banality. Aug 11, Cbj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Naipaul was born and raised in Trinidad, to which his grandfathers had emigrated from India as indentured servants.

Repetition is, in fact, a constitutive feature of the novel, repetition of the landscape scene and of the language of its construction.



It is distrubing beacuse Jane is raped and then killed, and the reader doesn’t know whether to be happy, disgusted, or worse, turned on. None the characters were interesting to me and the descriptions seemed fortuitous, detailed though they may be.

Apr 25, Leigh Swinbourne rated it liked it. She was without consistency or even coherence. The well vv.s.naipaul white revolutionary drifting through his life in Africa, knowing deep in his heart that he should have left long ago or should never have come in the first place. Through their interactions with each other a disturbing personal drama is played out, and at the same time this drama reveals to us the struggles of a former colony trying to find its way v.s.naipqul a new era.

But no, thats only partially true. One of the principal characters in this novel is the landscape – also ugly, exhausted, dry, drought-stricken, filled with shrubs and deadened grasses, tin-roofed and corrugated shanty-huts He said so himself. Naipaul illuminates lite millennium which is here.

My favorite events, then all focused around dialogue driven by other characters. A Bend in the River. Instead we have tension created through dialogue. The tone is overwhelmingly acrid, though, and this asperity hangs over the proceedings like the bauxite dust over the city or the US helicopters that mysteriously appear during the insurrection like the much-cited ‘corbeau carrion’.

However, if we are fully to believe the penultimate scene the one that so many have commented upon then we need to be allowed to understand more of Bryant’s rage. I also found the descriptions of the island vivid but excessive and they intruded on the pacing. My problem with Jimmy is that he does not appear to have charisma that will inspire a wide revolutionary following—in fact, there is no evidence of a following, more the opposite, with recruits leaving the farm—except for Jane the conflicted Englishwoman and Bryant his jealous young male lover.


I dont think he has ever reached this level of desolation ever again in his career. Roche had decided that some time ago.

May 26, PaperBird added it. Stephens falls into this same category. The novel is about an island country in the Americas with a blended population and a large British colonial post-colonial presence. Lists with This Book.

Guerrillas by V.S. Naipaul

When the brawling, hungry slum that comprises this tiny republic explodes in flames bringing a swarm of Gguerrillas.

John Roche, South African resistance fighter, Janenaive Englishwoman who seems to be playing around knowing that she can leave at any time, Jimmy Ahmed mulatto leader of the revolution.

Remind me again how this hack won a Nobel Prize? Also, Naipaul doesn’t appear to understand how to punctuate properly. And so the effect is a kind of waiting for the shoe or gufrrillas to drop.

Naipaul is not interested in the emancipation of humanity and is only interested in serving literature. This page was last edited on 14 Augustat A tense interview in a radio studio where the air conditioning may or may not have been deliberately disabled. The politica Guerrillas by V. This must be the record for the number of times I’ve fallen asleep reading a single book. Probably the island is modelled after Trinidad, Naipaul’s birthplace. This is not a nice guerillas.

In fact he is, but I’d hoped real life and fiction to be separate mediums, since fiction writing should service the story, not the writer’s personal beliefs. Naipaul has done justice to the story. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

But the rape-murder at the end is diagrammatic.