An Engineers Quick Trigonometry Laws and Identities Reference. Tato stránka navrhuje vyučovat všechny poznatky z algebry, geometrie a trigonometrie za prvních 12 let a sledovat předmětu z několika zemí;. Součtové vzorce pro goniometrické funkce a jejich aplikace. Titile (in english). Sum Formulas for Trigonometric Functions and Their Applications. Type.

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Geometrie úvodní stránka

Proofs of fundamental angle sum formulae are derived from their trigonometric versions discussed earlier. Based on the study of various textbooks and other literature, our explication is done in a compact and connected original form of six expository chapters.

The expository chapters are followed by a short section named Conclusion, in which we try to evaluate our contribution and beneficial aspects of the thesis. Theses on a related topic List of theses with an identical keyword. The final Bibliography consists of 50 items including Internet resources.

Geometrie úvodní stránka

The proofs of all the stated results are worked out in a unified original fashion. Go to top Current date and vzocre Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled!


The concluding Chapter 6 deals with some other applications of trigonometric functions. Citation record ISO compliant citation record: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science.

In Chapter 2 we deal with trigonometric elements based on similar right-angled triangles. Thesis defence Date of defence: This chapter ends with a detailed description of trigonometric achievements of Leonhard Euler, who transformed the theory of trigonometric functions to its current version. Full text of thesis Contents of on-line thesis archive Published in Theses: Then, we discuss the computational relevancy of representing complex numbers in their polar form.

In the remaining parts of Chapter 4 we deal in detail with methods of solving trigonometric equations and their systems, as well as proofs of other numerous identities for trigonometric functions.

The exceptional Chapter 5 is conceived as an encyclopaedia-like survey of numerous identities and inequalities which are provided by triples of angles of all planar triangles.

Firstly, we consider efficient trigonometric substitutions goniometricek solving various problems in elementary algebra.

Finally, we goniometrjcke the role of trigonometric functions in mathematical cartography. Chapter 4, a pivotal part of the thesis, is devoted to a systematic exposition of the theory of trigonometric functions in the domain of all real numbers.


In Chapter 3 we proceed to the trigonometry of general planar triangles.

Corresponding to the presented project, this thesis is devoted to the systematic explanation of the role of trigonometric functions in elementary mathematics. Chapter 1 describes the main historical periods of the development of the trigonometric theory.

Matematická Analýza 2 /16 | Kristýna Kuncová

Thus we deal subsequently with the results of the ancient astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, medieval vorce of India and Arabia and European mathematicians of Renaissance. We begin with usual unit-circle definitions to obtain all needed properties including basic useful identities.

At the end of Chapters 2, 3 and 4, we present rich collections of nonstandard problems provided with complete solutions.