View and Download DIGITECH GNX owner’s manual online. Guitar Workstation. GNX Music Pedal pdf manual download. On the whole, ithe GNX interface is very easy to use There’s no support for MP3 playback and the drum machine is less sophisticated. 7 user reviews on DigiTech GNX I’ve had with a manual in French, so easy to understand, but nil takes time to capture everything he can do. SOUND.

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Compressor to reach unity gain.

The Factory Presets do not let you store changes to them. All What technology is used? I tried the Boss and Zoom in the same price range before buying.


Highlights of the GNX Footswitches Footswitches Depending on the mode, these five footswitches select presets, change amp channels, turn individual effects on and off, control drum machine operations, and give you Hands-Free recording operation when recording on your computer. When finished press the EXIT button.

Nothing is sent up the USB 2 channel. Speed Ranges from 0 to The output quality is excellent nanmoins no hum or spitting. To warp the amps do the following: Click on the Advanced Tab and set the Buffer Size to This is useful for making a backup copy of all your customized settings.

DigiTech GNX Workstation review | MusicRadar

Hammett Which ones you prefer, you hate? But when it was chosen for what it is, it is happiness. My GNX is only used at home, and to register. Select one of the templates and click the OK button. What’s slightly confusing is that the GeNetX row has also had to be used for selecting amp models for the two main amp channels; it’s an obvious space-saving necessity, but it does slightly detract from an otherwise intuitive layout.


The acoustic models are never going to compete with specialised acoustic modellers such as the Yamaha Magicstomp, manuap they’ll do for a tight situation. The mic input no longer has a phantom power switch as this is always powered up; however, there’s no dB pad switch on the GNX, so you’ll need to set the input level knob carefully.

Re-amping A Guitar Track Using one of the Dry Guitar configurations for recording gives you the opportunity of playing a dry take back into the GNX for re-processing. This results in an exaggerated up and down sweeping motion to the effect. A second press puts the GNX into Bypass or selects the previous preset if Preset Bounceback is enabled see page 36 for more instructions on the Preset Bounceback function.

Level connectivity is simple but not bad: DigiTech warrants this product, when used solely within the U. Everything should be included and in perfect working condition. The range is from 0 to The Pluck feature is designed to close after every note depending on the Pluck Sensitivity. The simulations are trsralistes for some, for others they simply mtamorphoseront your sound if you do not like that of your amp I use the Ibanez RG with a beast, rises with humbuckers DiMarzio Evolution 1 and 2.

Digitech GNX – Ultimate Guitar

This is a Guitar Workstation, a concept initiated by Digitech many years ago. To access the tone controls for Channel 2, do the following: Path C taps the janual signal at the output of the GNX and includes any effects processing that may be used.

Select a User 7. The Whammy and Talker effects are a company speciality, and its recent exploits in modelling stompboxes are well in evidence here; the Hendrix Univibe sound, for example, is a real cracker.


The power supply, 15V phantom, so a bit tight for some microphones. Therefore, when you begin to play, the flanger may be at the top, bottom, or any random point of the sweep. A little happiness for the moment. There are a whopping 43 amp models including bass and acoustic rigs25 cabinet models and 11 stompbox models; these can be combined in any way you like, and two complete signal chains can be blended using the Warp function.

Amp Channel Footswitch For instance: The mic level sensitivity ranges are from Global functions affect the GNX in its entirety rather than gnnx3000 a per preset basis.

DIGITECH GNX3000 Owner’s Manual

Have you tried many other models manial buying it? Dry Mic signal is sent up the USB 1 channel. Which instruments do you use? It has a rather intuitive PC software that simplifies configuration and editing. Computer-based recording is becoming more accessible all the time, so the built-in recorder is less of a selling point.

Understanding how these effects modify the sound, and how each parameter alters the effect will help you achieve the sound you are looking for. Not satisfied with those reviews? Hooking It Up 4. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The Preset Level adjusts the overall output level manial the active Preset and the range is from 0 to