The publisher of Sudhir Venkatesh’s Gang Leader for a Day is trying to flog it by its association with Freakonomics (Venkatesh contributed to. Gang Leader for a Day has ratings and reviews. Petra Eggs said: Sudhir Venkatesh had a problem when researching and writing this book. It wa. A New York Times Bestseller Foreword by Stephen J. Dubner, coauthor of Freakonomics When first-year graduate student Sudhir Venkatesh walked into an .

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The projects are torn down by the Clinton Administration in gahg attempt to clean up what the government power structure sees as an eyesore and a political embarrassment. If you’re willing to give him the benefit of a significant doubt, Venkatesh’s early ignorance of the danger that he encounters is plausible. It may be dirty money, but Ms.

I wondered if it would have been possible for him to integrate himself as completely vekatesh he did with the project’s residents, even being securely middle-class, if he had been white. And, their hallways were outside.

Jay Mahannah It’s as relevant today as it ever was. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. You seen any niggers come around? He takes a cut like a ‘federal’ tax off of EVERY activity that goes on in the complex, from selling candy, washing cars, prostitution, sub-lets, and of course, drug sales.

Venkatesh was fascinated by this — and so was I. View all 6 comments. This extends even to an elderly woman who sells candies from her apartment and nets only about 20 dollars a week. At the end of Gang Leader for a Dayyou write with regard to J. As a recent Chicago resident, I found this book fascinating and a pretty horrifying at times.


Otherwise it can be paternalistic, rooted in pity.

Zuckerberg’s Favorite Books: Gang Leader for a Day

For more of my reviews, go to readingandmusing. You write in Gang Leader for a Day about sudbir ethical and legal restrictions that are imposed on sociological research. Later in the same chapter, Venkatesh describes in vivid detail a beating that he helped deliver to a suspected rapist. The Black Kings were a nationwide gang, and they held leadership meetings all over the country.

One of the greatest things that this book taught me is that it’s not really an “us against them” problem, no matter how much we may want to think it is. How does the exercise of female power in this book differ learer the wielding of male power? The subject matter of this book is one that has always intrigued me – in high school, I read a book called There Are No Children Here also set in Chicagowhich highlighted the lives of children growing up in a blighted and failing housing system.

He walked into a housing project with a multiple choice survey that asked questions like, “How does it feel to be black and poor?

At home with the Black Kings

The other element of Venkatesh’s heroics was that he let someone borrow his car to drive the shooting victim to the hospital! I just am very gamg he didn’t get killed or seriously injured, which could have happened easily at about a billion points in the book. The members of this particular gang often said, “You need to understand that the Black Kings are not a gang; we are a community organization, responding to people’s needs,” and Venkatesh admitted his skepticism about this many times.


It is certainly a worthwhile read. Venkatesh has even seen gang members acting as escorts to the elderly and organizing sports tournaments and parties for the community. Our Top 3 Reads:. May 07, Jamie HB rated it it was amazing.

The gang leader gives him an unprecented look at both life in the gang, and life in the projects for everyone where it is a majo Wow. Central to the book is Sudir’s relationship with JT. Bailey gant influence over the housing project? Blinkist fills this learning gap and makes acquiring new knowledge effortless.

Review: Gang Leader For a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh | Books | The Guardian

Do you think your very presence at the scenes you describe in Gang Leader for a Day tended to alter them and how? Some of JT’s gang members joined other gangs to ensure their own safety. How has your unconventional approach to field research affected your standing within the scholarly community?