x EF Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich. x EF Morski i Rybacki. x* Fundusz Solidarności UE. x* Instrument Pomocy Przedakcesyjnej. Transcript of Polska w Unii Europejskiej. % Środki finansowe Unii Aleksandra Kosowska Fundusze Unijne Droga Polski do integracji z UE. Ekonomiczne aspekty integracji wsi polskiej z UE (Leszek Klank). Ceny rolne.,. 44 Fundusze unijne: skuteczność i efektywność wspierania rozwoju obszarów wiejskich w Polsce Przedakcesyjny Program SAPARD.

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BazEkon – Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie

In the structure posce rural funduusze one can differentiate three basic processes: Type V — highest ratio of agricultural holdings where agricultural incomes dominate poviats. Consequently, multi-functional development of rural areas in Poland is well delayed.

The activity of cooperatives includes such important areas as: The figures varied across voivodships from 1. In the poviats located in East Poland, where the area of agricultural holding is historically-determined and is below the national average, there was a higher percentage of agricultural holdings with agriculture-related activity, when compared with the number of economic units.

Od programu Phare do zreformowanych Funduszy Strukturalnych, red.

Their studies posit that multi-functional development usually relies in economic diversification for the sake of improving life standards and work conditions of rural population. What made the basis for the spatial delimitation of the analysed structures was the highest six quotients which showed what share a particular element had: Numbers ascribed according to the alphabetical order of voivodships I-XVI and their przedakcesyjnee This index of income diversification in agricultural holdings had a highly varied polsxe distribution — both at the level of voivodships and poviats Figure 2.


Fundusze unijne by Natalia Mrówka on Prezi

Roman Rudnicki Nicolaus Copernicus University, rudnickir umk. However, the ratio was highly diversified territorially Figure 5. It is, naturally, still premature to fully assess the scale of the EU financial aid inor the fund transfer, structure and the impact upon the Polish beneficiaries, as well as the causes of any possible impediments. With this respect, it is of utmost importance for farmers to take up non-agricultural activity. It can be concluded that the financial support from the EU dedicated for agricultural holdings undertaking additional non-agricultural activities is not so important as should be for multi-functional development of rural areas but still it paves the way for levelling the regional imbalances in the economic development of rural areas in Poland.

Selected determinants of incomes in agricultural holdings in Poland. Agricultural holdings — beneficiaries of European support for diversification of economic activities in period per 1 thousand economic entities registered with REGON.

Noten van de auteur This paper was written in the framework of the research project: This indicates that rural population is ageing, which means that new challenges in the domain of social policy need to be faced, in particular with regard to provision of care services to the elderly.

Then, the analysis was based on the ratio of agricultural holdings to the total number of economic units. The standardisation method employed for these purposes involved replacing the original value with the result of multiplication of fujdusze difference between a feature value and its mean average by the standard deviation value.

Another phenomenon which emerged from the study was a disadvantageous decrease in the number of income sources in agricultural holdings operating in unfavourable natural conditions. Vergroten Origineel jpeg, k.

Thus, it can be concluded that the size of agricultural holding bears on the income potential and the amount of funds for launching non-agricultural activity Dubownik, The events of the recent months and weeks regarding the application acceptance and qualification, mainly within the ZPORR Integrated Operational Plan for Regional Development have given rise to numerous questions, many of which cannot yet be answered.


On average, there were 1.

Od Do Temat Uwaga. This indicator is so low because it applies to all registered businesses rather than to agricultural holdings only. Gorzelak, Polska polityka regionalna – cele, uwarunkowania, instytucje, instrumenty, w: Integrale tekst PDF Dit document przedakesyjne.

That development is identified with more extensively diversified forms of non-agricultural economic activity, particularly on-farm economic activity. Here, the absolute values or percentage ratios of individual elements in the analysed structure are divided by subsequent numbers from 1 to n, then the highest results are selected from the set and a weight is ascribed to a particular element, depending on how many numbers from the division are qualified to the new subset.

On average, it was Spatial scope of studies — voivodships in Poland. This kind of business activity also contributes to a more efficient management — it usually leads to the utilisation of excess workforce and a better utilisation of the buildings, machines and equipment which are already available in an agricultural holding Dzun, It is mostly due to economic problems: Informatiebrieven Brief van OpenEdition.