Fundamentos de limnología neotropical. by Gabriel Roldán Pérez; John Jairo Ramírez Restrepo. Print book: State or province government publication. Spanish. FUNDAMENTOS DE LIMNOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 2 EDICION by Gabriel y otro Roldan Perez at – ISBN X – ISBN Fundamentos de Limnología Neotropical – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Ecological Dynamics of Tropical Inland Waters. However, taxonomic studies are still extremely scarce only nine articles; Figure 7.

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Rolon and Maltchik, ; Padial and Thomaz, Environmental influences on aquatic plants in freshwater ecosystems. Thomaz and Bini stressed that the variety of environments is also an important factor accounting for the interest on aquatic macrophytes in Brazil.

Accordingly, the knowledge of biodiversity is inadequate and plagued by Linnean i. According to van Raana scientometric or bibliometric research of a particular study field is devoted to quantify this subject. This highlights the importance and urgency of an evaluation of ecological studies of aquatic macrophytes in this region.

This highlights especially the recognition of the role of aquatic plants as key components for the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems Jeppensen et al.

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How to cite this article. However, a precise view of researches devoted to aquatic macrophytes in Neotropics is necessary to reach a reliable evaluation of the scientific production. A total of papers were analyzed, considering the criteria delineated in our Methods.

In the current study, we performed a scientometrics analysis of the scientific production devoted to Neotropical macrophytes in an attempt to neottropical the main trends and gaps of researches concerning this group. Furthermore, in a study evaluating the scientific impact of nations, Brazil was the only Neotropical country among the 31 most important countries worldwide, occupying the 20 th position in number of published papers King, The biology of aquatic vascular plants.

The low number of articles using modeling techniques and articles of review Figure 8 highlights the primitivism of the investigations carried with this community, since these approaches need basic researches to be applied.


Furthermore, free-floating aquatic macrophyte species are limnoloa productive in suitable environments Cook, ; Carignan and Neiff, ; Talling and Lemoalle, The total number of papers increased conspicuously in the last two decades 11 in to 52 in Evaluation of photosynthetic oxygen production, pigment pattern, glutathione content and detoxication enzymes activity in the aquatic macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum exposed to cypermethrin. These plants are capable of colonizing several kinds of aquatic environments e.

Fundamentos de limnología neotropical

This journal was also the favorite by international Brazilian articles on limnology until Melo et neotgopical. Finally, problems caused by the excessive growth of aquatic vegetation, especially in reservoirs can also be another factor accounting for this trend Thomaz and Bini, Specifically, we asked the following questions: Thus, ecological studies carried in aquatic environments must consider the aquatic macrophyte community as an essential component for ecosystem functioning and aquatic biodiversity conservation.

In general, our analyses showed that the studies dealt mostly with the influences of aquatic macrophytes on organisms and abiotic features. Lake and River ecosystems.

Planta daninhavol. In fact, high scientific production is associated with economic development May, For example, there were some articles published in medical journals, since many species have been pointed as shelters for disease vectors, or even have been used in medicine. Rolon and Maltchik, The Danish neotropicall “Lagoa Santa.

Henry-Silva and Camargo, This tendency is coherent with the clear enhancement in the Latin American scientific production over the last decade Hill, ; Hermes-Lima et al.

Brazilian articles in international journals on Limnology. Based on scientometrics, our investigation helped us to identify several patterns and gaps in neotrkpical study of aquatic macrophytes in Neotropical regions. Planta Daninhavol. In fact, when growing in suitable habitats several species are considered aquatic weeds due to massive colonization and negative effects upon aquatic diversity and ecosystem functioning Camargo et al.

The high attention of this subject reflects the recognition that macrophytes cause strong changes in aquatic ecosystems e. In consequence, studies with a predictive approach or aiming to test ecological hypothesis, essential to direct conservation efforts, are also rare. In fact, as mentioned earlier, Chambers et al.


Fundamentos de limnología neotropical

Moreover, a reliable assessment of the biological diversity is only reached by improving taxonomical knowledge Brandon et al. A great variety of journals were used neotroplcal publish studies on aquatic neotropicsl and “Hydrobiologia” was the main one, publishing ca.

These results indicate that studies with macrophytes are not biased toward more scarce or rare ecosystems, but they are rather carried in the most common type of ecosystem. In addition, the cooperation among Neotropical countries is still scarce.

Neotropicap, experiments that complement surveys on the knowledge construction, in any spatial scale, are still rarely carried Experiment in microscale: In a recent review, Chambers et al. Neiff, ; Junk, ; Esteves, The low number of papers in marine environments is surprisingly, fundamrntos Brazil has a wide coastal shoreline more than 8, km wide with a great variety of habitats e. Fish assemblages with Egeria in a tropical reservoir: Since some abstracts did not provide all information, the number of papers analyzed concerning each variable varied.

In fact, Wetzel argued that the aquatic macrophyte community can be considered one of the most productive communities in the world.

An explanation is that these countries are the three largest economies among Neotropical countries World Bank, These studies are essential nowadays, since they can support conservation efforts. This suggests that limnoloha cooperation of Neotropical countries among themselves is still not conspicuous and should be stimulated. Accordingly, excessive growth of aquatic plants in reservoirs has been extensively reported Thomaz et al.

Studies concerning individuals are possibly related to experiments testing specific hypothesis e. Global diversity of aquatic macrophytes in freshwater.