Ostfront is H&S GAMES newest tactical infantry print-and-play project. Or, you may chuck the primary combat engine for an alternative “buckets” of dice combat . My question is for those who have bought the recently released FOW Mid War book on the Eastern Front. I have Ost Front, but I am considering. United States Armed Forces for Ostfront – Ostfront – United States Armed Forces This book covers the vehicles and forces of the United States in.

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It was officially decommissioned by Oberkommando der Wehrmacht on 4 September The attack by the XLVII Panzer Corps’ 11th Panzer Division on the southeastern flank of the pocket quickly stalled, as it owtfront had only 27 tanks and 34 assault guns operational. Views Read Edit View history. Adolf Hitler supposedly only complained briefly about the amount of equipment that had to be left behind.

Historically, that is all we should be. No thanks, I’ll take extra artillery instead! The settlement was heavily defended by the Soviets; it was captured by 72nd Infantry troops, retaken by units of the Soviet 27th Army and recaptured by the Germania regiment of 5th SS Panzer Division. Our tanks, of which we have very ostfrknt, go down slightly.

Hill remained under Soviet control, resulting in significant casualties among Stemmermann’s retreating force. I have not bought the North Afrika biik because nobody around here is playing midwar of anysort at this time.

Department kstfront the Army Pamphlet 20—, pp.

[TMP] “FOW: Ost Front or East Front MW Intelligencebook?” Topic

Just the thing for nasty places like Stalingrad, I think. There’s always the assault platoon with SMGs. No additional import charges at delivery! This request was refused, and the counter-encirclement of the Soviet forces was attempted. The killing in this human hunt went on for several hours and a new round opened on the banks of the river Gniloy Tikich, where the survivors of the first collision of the German column with Soviet troops dragged and fought their way.


Total casualties killed, wounded or missing, were claimed at 31, yet these numbers do not count losses from the rescuing forces. Since the assault rifles are an optional upgrade, if you don’t think they’re appropriate for Stalingrad, or you think sufficient numbers of assault rifles didn’t arrive until later, just don’t take the upgrade.

Ostfrong historian Sergey Smirnov described the victory at Korsun as a “Stalingrad on the Dnieper,” and the victory was hailed as a culmination of Soviet armored strength against the ailing Wehrmacht. But if you are looking to do historical games, then the new book is great. Though the Soviet operation at Korsun did not result in the collapse in the German front that the Soviet command had hoped for, vow marked a significant deterioration in the strength available to the German army on that front, especially in heavy weaponry, nearly all of which was lost during the breakout.

I also fielded an Italian Alpine infantry company for a point game and I was quite happy with my list. My Soviet foe can now afford Katyushas to pound me with now.

Eastern Front Medal

The Soviet forces had been provided lend-lease U. I understand the difference is about the same. Your mileage may vary but if you are really interest in playing those armies, then I’d say get it, in the long run it’ll be worth it.

Erickson did not question Soviet claims regarding German casualties, and Glantz questioned ostfrot veracity of German claims regarding the total of escapees from the pocket.


You also know who you play and the style you play. Have one to sell? However, while German casualties in this work are taken from German archives, it bases its assessment of Soviet AFV and gun losses uncritically on German wartime claims.

The Luftwaffe delivered 82, gallons of fuel, tons of ammunition and four tons of medical supplies to the encircled forces and tons of ammunition, 74, gallons of fuel and 24 tons of food to spearheads of the relief formations, as well as evacuating 4, wounded ostront the Korsun airfield remained operational.

The reverse features the text in capital letters: The same goes for SS, etc. Watch list is full. At the left flank column, a reconnaissance patrol returned with the news that Hill was occupied by Soviet T tanks of the 5th Guards Tank Army. The opening to WWII was quick and brutal. Minimum monthly payments are required. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. On 16 FebruaryManstein, without waiting for a decision by Hitler, sent a radio message to Odtfront to authorize the breakout: Then, after the decisive victories there, they turned their attention towards France, heading there and conquering that country in also rather rapid form.

The Soviet commanders were optimistic about the progress of the operation. I just want your perspective on the two MW Eastern Front books. The medal’s obverse left and reverse right. Portals Access related topics.