Forever a Lady (The Rumor Series) [Delilah Marvelle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. TWO DIFFERENT CLASSES, ONE COMMON. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Marvelle adeptly explores the best and worst of social class divides Forever a Lady (The Rumor Series Book 3) by [Marvelle, Delilah]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Read “Forever a Lady” by Delilah Marvelle with Rakuten Kobo. Lady Bernadette Marie Burton may be the richest widow in England, but like her dreams of.

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Wedding Night With the Earl.

Forever a Lady

Going back and reading it again I was almost tempted to ask if this was this for the same book I read. At other times I really liked Bernadette however she was sweet and giving but not a push over. It was 10 months later, in April, foreve she arrived in London.

You see, Georgia’s just perfect the way she is, but she has to change. The plot was full of twists and turns. I think if they’d spent more time in the Five Points, it would have helped develop their relationship more. And yes, gentle readers, it will also evolve foreevr sex as I have no intention of becoming my parents and restraining my characters from what it is they truly desire to do.

From the get go I was trying too hard to depilah out who everyone was from Forever mine.

The Rogue You Know. Georgia’s plan to inflitrate the ton was such a fun idea. At this point you want to shake Robinson until he gets some sense. In other words – expectations; he haz them.

delilahmarvelle | Forever a Lady

The plot was full of intrigue and adorable romance. He is too refined and cultured to not have people that care for his existence, and want him back despite her not wanting to let him go. Matthew left with the money Robinson had given him and promised to return with some clothes. In a few short days Matthew and his father found themselves living in the slums of New York. Be the one who wishes to go west when everyone else is going south.


The glimpses we were given of Atwood have only whet my appetite for more in Forever a Lord, and now it’s finally time! Roderick Gideon Tremayne, the recently appointed Duke of Wentworth, never expected to find himself in New York Delilau, tracking down a mysterious map important to his late mother. The elements foreber appealed the most, though, do bode well for the future of the series. Ga sabar pengen baca karya Ms. But no sex is had.

Vexed by a Viscount. Rather than being an innocent society lady, she’s an experienced woman whose reputation is tattered at best. I scribe I spent my youth studying various languages, reading voraciously, and playing the pianoforte. Georgia is filled with guilt as she later finds out that the man is now suffering from memory loss and the only name he remembers and wants to be called is-Robinson Crusoe.

Nov 16, rameau rated it it was ok Shelves: It Started with a Scandal. Georgia hatches a plan to stay with Roderick in England. I mavelle love the characters in this story. John picked a fight with him. I’m here to help. Oh my sweet, sweet Delilah, you had me perplexed in this book, but in a good way.

I look forward to the next book in the series, which ddelilah the about the missing Lord Abbott and his journey to reclaim that which was lost to him. How he ended up where he is and why he chose to form the Forty Thieves.

The story starts out with our hero Mathew whose father loses his newspaper business therefore they are forced to move to the five points and endure poverty. But then realizes he must give her up and do what duty requires duty can go hang for all I care. Of course there needs to be a twist to extend that moment into a novel length story, and this time it comes in the form of an amnesia inducing blow to the head. All he remembers are the numerous books he’s read, and of course, how to be a gentleman.


The baby girl and his mother both died and Tremayne was left with a strip of paper his mother had put in each of the 10 books and it held a map of NY City.

He’s quite insistent that she join him at his hotel for coffee and I hadn’t any idea why. He reappears at the end, but we don’t know his story. When she encounters him later in America, she has been kidnapped and rescued by Matthew, only to find that he is an impoverished gang leader.

Her vivid writing allowed me to picture myself cantering alongside Lady Bernadette in the park or seeing the appalling state of Five Points through Matthew’s eyes.

It would be like naming one’s daughter Paris. In typical Delilah fashion, she’s got me laughing, sighing, crying, gasping, shouting very quietly since I finished this in the early morning: Poor Matthew and his Da end up slumming it and on his first day, he gets almost KO’d by a man trying to collect a debt from a small boy.