“Elettrologia, Magnetismo e Ottica” e vol. “Fisica Moderna” S. Focardi, I. Massa, A. Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale (Onde), Casa Editrice Ambrosiana – P. Mazzoldi. Focardi, Massa, Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale, Onde e Ottica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana Salandin, Pavan, Problemi di Fisica risolti e commentati, volume 2 , Casa. Yestogo Eco Tour. Siamo la prima agenzia specializzata a Firenze con noleggio di veicoli sostenibile, machine elettriche, e-bike, risciò e eco tour.

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The module-exam for both the modules General Physics A and General Physics B is written and consists, in turn, in 2 parts.

Gestione Didattica – Politecnico di Torino

Probability and Statistics for Finance Svetlozar T. Thermal equilibrium between two thermodynamical systems. Triboelectricity, lightning and thunderbolts. Magnetic properties of matter. In case of global exam pass, the grade is the mean value between the grades of the two module-exams General Physics A and General Physics B. Electrodynamic actions between the current carrying circuits.

Continuous distributions of electric charge.


The student should be able to apply the knowledge acquired for problem solving regarding the alternating currents, electromagnetic waves, wave propagation and geometrical optics, interference and diffraction, polarization. Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites. Risk Management Sergio M. Electric field in a cavity inside a conductor, electrostatic screen, Faraday cage.

Electric field representation by means of field lines. Circulation of the magnetic field. The meaning of grounding. Teaching tools Projector, MacBook. Localization of the electrostatic energy. Maxwell’s equations in differential form.

Reflection and refraction of waves. Maxwell’s equations for electricity. Electrostatic field in the neighborhood of a surface layer of charging.

Availability All In stock Harmonic plane waves and Fourier Analysis. The test LAIB has a duration of one hour; consists of thirty questions multiple choiceinvolving definitions, ottjca, theoremsresolutions of exercises.

The RCL circuit in series. The first principle of the thermodynamics. Example of calculations of entropy variation in a reversible or irreversible thermodynamic process.

The students must book before two working days prior to the date of the test; to access them should bring the book and identity card. The equation of the enthalpy.


Sergio Focardi

Poisson and Laplace’s equations. The second part of a module-exam consists of exercises relating to the topics introduced during the lectures, aimed to verify that the student is able to deal with real problems by using the physics principles and laws, in order to get the numerical values of the requested physical quantities, expressed in the proposed units, thus revealing experience in dimensional analysis and ability to execute calculations with the required approximation; the assessment is based on the accuracy of the numerical results.


Fisica 1 Sergio Focardi. University database Additional Course Details. Insegnamenti online – IOL. Power in circuits with alternating current. Showing 1 to 28 of 28 results.

41st Congress of the Società Italiana di Biologia Marina

Transversality of the electromagnetic waves. Second principle of the thermodynamics. Sign up to newsletters.