Add the following else if condition to this method: //1 else if result is ORKFileResult { let fileResult = result as! ORKFileResult //2 retDict[“contentType”] = fileResult. A slightly more sophisticated example is the FileResult class. This class supplies a public property, the ContentType property that contains the. For example, to return a pdf file from the server the Content-Type should FileResult: FilePathResult, FileContentResult and FileStreamResult.

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Step 11 The file creates a filepathresult object using file name and content type. How to upload a file?

Get a File Content-Type / MIME-type from file extension in C#

The files in contdnttype server can be easily sent as response to the clients through its rich support of action results. How a browser knows what file type is returned from the server? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Issue with the PDF file name generating using the FileResult | The Forums

Step 3 Name the controller as in the following:. Actually you don’t need to instantiate the FileResult types from action methods the Controller has bunch of built-in methods that helps to easily send a file in response.

Click on the “Add” button. Finally we have to replace the action parameter from HttpPostedFileBase to UploadFileModel and the validations will happen automatically when the binding happens. OpenSubKey ext ; if regKey! So create another action method and return the file. File action-results class diagram. You can see the source code here.


The model binding feature relies on two types of components binders and value providers. Instead of manually reading the file from the Requestby taking the advantage of model binding the file can be made directly available as a parameter in the action as shown in the below listing. Right-click on “Index” and select “Add View The important thing is the name of the file input controls should match the rules of model binding.

When you have a single instance of HttpPostedFileBase as an action parameter or a property in model then mapping the file is completely done by the HttpPostedFileBaseModelBinder and no value providers are used in this case. The important thing to note down is the file parameter name should be same as the name of the file input control in the above coontenttype it is photo.

Example, when you return a pdf file, some browsers knows how to display the pdf files inside it, same for images. Since it’s also a lead designer for many App and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices for a number of italian companies. The Content-Type header is the one that says the browser what kind of file is being returned from the server. We can easily create new file action results by deriving from the the abstract class FileResult.

Creating custom file action result We don’t need to worry about adding any headers in the response the action results will take care. The POSTed file s are available as parameters directly in actions through model binding. Using view models to validate POSTed files 5. In this article we learnt many fileresultt about uploading and returning files in an MVC application.


November 5, November 5, Well, in this article I gathered the important concepts that are scattered in different posts, threads in a single place. So far we have seen how conenttype upload files to server and validate them using data annotations. How to Deploy a ASP.

Get a File Content-Type / MIME-type from file extension in ASP.NET C#

There are already plenty of articles written on this subject. When we use the HttpPostedFileBase directly as action parameter then we have to validate the file manually as shown in the below listing. Step 3 Name the controller as in the following: This article describes the file result in a Controller in MVC. The size of each chunk is 4KB and this can’t be changed through code or config.

If you forget setting the proper encoding type then only the filename is submitted not the file. November 10, November 10, You can see the complete code filerfsult FilePathResult here. Thanks for all the readers who pointed out the errors and typos in the article.

Request a new Category View All. I’m sure this article will help the MVC programmers contenttyp increase their grip on the framework.

Aggiungi e-mail alla newsletter. There are three built-in classes that implements FileResult: Like any other input data the POSTed files to the server also needs validation.