For all that time, I believed Santino Hassell aka Sonny existed. However, in early it came to light that he does not exist as his own human being. The two. In the Company of Shadows, original slash fiction by Sonny & Ais, with imperfect characters searching for their humanity in a post-war setting. In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the.

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Do I rate this now? This is a review for the original version of Evenfall. He makes mistakes, his decision-making process can be wrong, his vision of the reality about Sin could seem incorrect, but he is so human, so young, so frustrated qis Why were the men so quick to judge?

My house I was a little afraid to start reading this book if I’m completely honest. It has Hsin Liu Vega in it. I am gonna be honest here and say, that this series is one of the best I have ever read, and I am sure Ais played a big part in my enjoyment.

FREEFIC WEEK – SERIES REVIEW: In the Company of Shadows by Ais & Santino

Oh God, Ami — you must read it. Oh and that one scene But I just couldn’t accept it. The pain that they were inflicting on evenfsll and each other would all be for the greater good.

I just don’t have the skill to write how good this book was but trust me it’s the kind of GOOD that makes you want to evemfall your iPad zonny reading And unfortunately it appears that an attempt to enhance memorable personality characteristics of the secondary characters, has resulted in them as reading more one dimensional.


Trained as a child by his father, violence is all Sin has known in life. I could not stop thinking about Sin and Boyd. In the Company of Shadows 1 part 1. However, this only improves the characters, the story and even the writing!


YES your strength would turn anyone on!!! Afterimage is absolutely incredible, I have no idea how to tell you just how much I loved it, but I’ll give it a good go I never would have made it alone. He must find a way to live without him, but he doesn’t think he needs to The scariest part of this series was the setting.

Rating removed because of this: It’s hot as fuck. Preview — Evenfall by Ais.

Sin continues to steal my heart. He lived through a very brutal and violent attack by a street gang a few years ago. Jul 15, Lenore rated it liked it Shelves: I can be chatty so if you have questions, feel free to ask! Have a lovely day! It was awesome to discover this last book.

With turns and twists at every corner it kept me on tenterhooks every single second. The In the Company of Shadows series won 1st Place!!!

Evenfall: Volume 1: Director’s Cut by Ais

There was always a nagging voice in the back sony my brain saying ‘no’ so I kept reading. But I guess that’s Boyd. I’ve been so immersed in this epic storyso Why didn’t people fucking treat Sin better? I can honestly say that it caused some major emotions as well, the beginning of this book, I went through the wringer, it was just so incredibly sad, then it lifted me up, then I slnny angry, then bemused, then sad Aug 05, Lenore rated it it was amazing Shelves: And I am very happy!!!

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Was it worth it?

Jun 04, Dia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I’ve had to remind myself that it totally worked for Christian Slater ssonny True Romance. The reality is in fact the opposite. And all of that because he can’t stand someone being abused, but when it comes to him, he will tolerate it until he cracks Pretty much all kinds of emotions you can think of, I have experienced in this series. Why you might wonder?

I particularly loved when they got all domestic view spoiler [ Boyd baking, Sin setting the table… hide spoiler ] and we saw them in some kind of Evenafll situation. Let me just say that this is without a doubt the longest bulid-up to a “first kiss” I’ve read. Boyd is sent to evaluate the area and find escape routes, which is dangerous in itself when he’s deep in drug territory.

Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #4) by Ais

Well, it’s no wonder since he was trained to become sohny killer from the time he was a young boy. The power of one little word. September 21st can’t get here fast enough!! I can be chatty so if you have questions, feel free to ask! Just so we’re clear, Ais is innocent in all this.

Boyd is different, for a start he’s not from the Agency although his mother is, he’s closed off and most of the time it appears he has zero personality and this intrigues Sin. However, the was things that bugged me a lot.