Erythrina abyssinica. Photo: Bart Wursten Cleveland Dam, Harare. Erythrina abyssinica. Photo: Bart Wursten Cleveland Dam, Harare. Erythrina abyssinica. Erythrina abyssinica. Fabaceae – Papilionoideae. Lam. ex DC. red hot poker tree, lucky bean tree. Flowers (Saunders R.C.). The calyx lobes are long and. E. abyssinica tree, Tree showing the trunk and the corky bark, growing in the Harare National Botanic Gardens, Zimbabwe. Dzingai Rukuni.

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Erythrina abyssinica Erythrina Abyssinica x – 23k – jpg www. Trees of Central Africa. Erythrina abyssinica MsebeAnti-plasmodial flavonoids from the stem bark of Erythrina abyssinica. Erythrina abyssinica Scientific classification Kingdom: There are citation in web searches related to Erythrina abyssinica Lam.

Erythrina abyssinica infructescences showing seeds. Red-hot-poker tree, lucky bean tree, flame tree, Abyssinian coral tree En. Seedlings can be transplanted when 20—30 cm tall. Leaves alternate, 3-foliolate; stipules lanceolate, caducous; petiole 6—20 cm long, often prickly, rachis 3—8 cm erytgrina, petiolules 0. Erythrina abyssinica flowering trees.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Erythrina abyssinica

Citation in scholarly articles. Insects associated with this species: The issue was settled in when the pods and seeds from E. Pounded flowers serve to treat dysentery. Propagation by cuttings is often successful when these are planted in the rainy season. Cuttings are stripped of leaves and planted directly. Tree Erythrina abyssinica x – 83k – jpg travel.


There are 1 Wikipedia citations related to Erythrina abyssinica Lam.

There are 21 citations in Afrirefs related to Erythrina abyssinica Lam. Erythrina abyssinica does not tolerate frost.

Leaves are taken to treat peptic ulcers; they are also used for treatment of diarrhoea. There are citation in scholarly articles related to Erythrina abyssinica Lam.

Erythrina abyssinica Images

Evaluation of selected Sudanese medicinal plants for their in vitro activity against hemoflagellates, selected bacteria, HIV-1 RT and tyrosine kinase inhibitory, and for cytotoxicity. Seeds contain a curare-like erythrinz. Powdered root is used for syphilis, anthrax, and snakebites Rulangaranga Consecutively, the seeds planted revealed that seedlings and saplings of E.

Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The seeds are used in traditional medicine to treat throat pain, and in veterinary medicine to treat cough in camels.

Erythrina abyssinica Images – Useful Tropical Plants

It can be planted near dwellings, by fields, swamps, roads, and watercourses. The typically rounded crown is usually leafless at the time of flowering. Mjafari, mlungu, mbamba ngoma, mwamba ngoma Sw. Honey bees are also attracted by the flowers.


The seed weight is about g. Deciduous, small tree up to 12 —15 abysisnica tall; bole usually short, stout, up to 60 cm in diameter, usually armed with woody knobs; bark thick, corky, deeply fissured, yellowish brown, exuding a brown, gummy sap; crown rounded, with thick, spreading, somewhat twisted branches; twigs armed with strong curved prickles, initially densely hairy, glabrescent.

Papilionoideae Flora Zambesiaca 3 5. Redrawn and adapted by Iskak Syamsudin. They should be sown with the hilum facing downward and covered with a thin layer of potting medium.

It has been noted that old trees coppice readily. Trees grow moderately fast, but growth rates vary widely depending on soil conditions.

Details of record no: 1684

Display spot characters for this species. They contain a poison which can be lethal if injected into the bloodstream but it has no effect if they are swallowed as a whole. Seeds are red with a black spot, and are contained ahyssinica woody black pods.