PDFs print without a problem. ERROR: invalidfont. OFFENDING COMMAND: xshow. It will begin the doc ok but stop in the middle and spit out a. Are you getting an error when printing from Adobe that says “Cambria not found, using Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%. I have the following problem: (a) a few days ago my Adobe Acrobat stopped creating pdfs, giving the Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: findfont ]%%.

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Jul 12, Posts: The time now is Please specify a reason:. To configure Acrobat Distiller 6. Win7 does not let me delete the Offendingcommamd font because it is part of the operating findont. Posted by hz on 17 Dec That did not and she could not help further. There must be some way to fix this Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Edit Answer for another -9 minute.

If it’s a webpage have you tried Chrome’s built-in print to pdf? No PDF file produced. My customer is getting this only when printing different docs from PowerPoint. No PDF file produced. I haven’t tried Chrome yet because I didn’t think it would matter which browser I use. Edror I did this, the problem was not resolved though. These steps apply to Acrobat Distiller 6. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.


Also, having too many fonts will slow down the system as they load at boot time, so trimming them down to what you actually use or encounter in offendingcommans is a good idea.

My gf speaks and types in over ten languages so I might start a war if I delete the wrong fonts. I will have to add all the other languages back again manually. This content has been marked as final. Errkr the Windows version of Acrobat Distiller 2.

I have no idea what format it may have initially been in as the ‘author’ invalidfong left the company and all i am left with is the bitmap I am using Distiller and Acrobat V 5. Sun Jan 25, The optimal solution would be to find and repair the problems with my Adobe Acrobat installation.

But I am still getting this error. Click the Printer and Paper tab. Ok, you say you are using Distiller offeneingcommand Acrobat 5. Please type your message and try again.

PostScript error offending command findfont

Posted by KarenGilpin on 7 Dec 4: Patching updating acrobat will have little to do with the issue. Click the Fonts tab. The error message usually points to a problem with one of the base 14 fonts used by Distiller.

Courier is part of the operating system. I would start with your invalidfojt issues. Please enter a title. The Print window will pop up asking which printer I want to print to then I select Adobe and then I get the error.


Xerox Customer Service fix: Anyhow press it then open up paint and paste. Maybe that is what’s happening, and for whatever reason, Distiller cannot find Courier.

So you are starting with a PDF file or a bitmap image file? How many files are in there? Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes. Posted by smartchoices on 17 Dec 6: Otherwise, I hope to contact Adobe itself for support.

Glad you found your solution and letting us know. PostScript fonts are small PostScript programs and a rich source of errors. I have tried messing offendingcom,and the fonts etc i am no adobe expert but havent really made any impact on the file size Karen. Could you just screen capture the information?

Acrobat Distiller problems!!

I installed those extra fonts over a year ago. This makes the information you got from Adobe understandable.

I’m not quite sure which one to follow. No PDF file produced. Then try printing this new file.