View and Download Ericsson Dialog Operator user manual online. BusinessPhone Communication Platform. Dialog Operator Telephone pdf manual. Welcome to the User Guide for the Dialog Operator /. Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from. Ericsson. The BusinessPhone. Dialog Operators support advanced system functions that are required for operator configurations.

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The Telephone Components 1. Repeat the procedure to add more conference members.

See A trunk line is the same as an external line. Cleaning Clean your terminal only with a soft, water dampened cloth. Page Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Each time a conversation is finished the caller is recalled to the terminal.

Voice connection with connected party ies. Press and announce the call. Press to speak to the right party only. If the caller wants to call later: The key lamp shows steady light.

The line is extended ericeson the extension allowing the caller to make the external call, the terminal is cleared. The name is shown only if it is received from the calling or called party charachters Name 8 Name identity source side and 9 destination side The fifth row The row shows the following: If you cannot identify the connected party, your display shows the following information.


Ericsson will not dialo liable for any damages arising from use of an illegal modified or altered publication. The Verizon and More information.

Dialog 4224 Operator. User Guide. Operator Terminal for MX-ONE Telephony System and MD110

Outgoing Calls The status of the extension ericason displayed. The extension accepts the call: Donald Byrd 3 years ago Views: Openreach to vary the speed of broadband lines using SRA technology. Account Number Voice instructions lead the callers step by step to the desired destination.

Call Ordering On Line Ask the called party to wait. To eericsson changed locally to other languages. The terminal rings the extension, inform the extension that a conference call is starting.

You can configure some of the features. Display unit which displays call information using alphanumeric characters. If the caller has dialed your individual operator number, this number is shown instead of the common number.

All goods returned must clearly state customers name, order no, telephone number, fault details and proof of purchasing.


Do not insert any object into equipment slots that is not part of the product or auxiliary product. Press to change the volume. The call is extended and camped on to the busy extension. All key panels must be of type DBY 01 three or four key panels can only be used in newer versions of the exchange. The right side of the display shows who is answering and the 5th row shows the group name and number. Inform the calling external party of the reply.


Call extended to a busy extension. In case of a typing error, press the Volume Down key to delete the latest entered digit. Ask the called party to hold the line. Option 1 Transfer right away: The terminal is cleared and the call is disconnected. Voice connection with the right party.

Page 49 If the caller wishes to wait: Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership.

Ericsson Dialog 4224 Phone

Depending on the type of exchange, some of the features described in this section may be optional. UK s best selling phone brand.

Page Do not use rough cloth, solvents or aggressive cleaning fluids.