Fumiko Enchi’s Masks (translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter) begins in Kyoto, where Tsuneo Ibuki and Toyoki Mikame, two university lecturers. Masks is a fascinating novel in which the author. Enchi Fumiko successfully demonstrates her remarkable skill of weaving classical literature into contemporary. The author of a highly praised modern translation of The Tale of Genji in addition to many novels and short stories, Fumiko Enchi is perhaps Japan’s most.

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Masks () – ENCHI Fumiko | A Novel Approach

Or is it that the man has always been a privileged animal of a blameless acquittal? Anyone can have that. Or when it is described how a character lacks power for being “unable to achieve the solace of a religious indifference.

Juliet Winters Carpenter Translator. Masks is the story of vindictiveness, passion, jealousy and vengeance, of women in solidarity aiming to achieve retribution against men, to perpetrate “a crime only women could commit. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I prefer junichiro tanizaki’s books.

A thrilling, enrapturing book. Perhaps it’s my arrogant self-promoting conceitedness talking, but the only lasting emotion I felt after chucking this book in the garbage can was sheer pity for the poor soul that actually gets their jollies off this kind of story. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The novel closes with Mieko reflecting upon the Fukai mask when suddenly she is struck by some unseen, supernatural power.


It’s ok, I guess. Mieko has an affair with another man and it was to him that she births a boy and a girl. View all 8 comments. And since Masks is so heavily reliant on a fairly deep understanding of enchhi novel, perhaps it is just beyond me.

View all 29 comments.

Eerie – all the talk about spirit connections and possessions in the novel and there I was, the book taking control of my faculties, its syntactical structuring and storytelling binding me. The men are old friends from college and Mikame is a bachelor and practicing psychologist, whilst Ibuki is a married university professor with a wife and child. Enchi successfully fuses Japanese dark lore with modern obsessions with art, fidelity, and the spiritually banal seances.

And ennchi they are equated TOO- as “with power” witches. Masks is ufmiko concise little novel, yet there’s a lot to be said about it. And it seems to me she must be one of the last women who lives that way still – like the masks – with her deepest energies turned inward.

Less of a review but more a random hodgepodge of thoughts. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Fumikl only are women multi-faceted, apparently they are sort of enigmas too, unknowable to the male characters: Can you tell them apart?

Mieko’s obsession with ‘shamanism’, spirit possession, and artful yet subtle manipulation become evident here. I liked this description: Enchi surrounds this novel mssks the paraphernalia of the Japanese Noh dramas.

For example, Mieko is consistently compared to Genji’s Rokujo lady; for those that have read Genjithis is a major point enchii character development, which could be a downfall for those that have not read it. A Novel Approach thoughts on books. Murasaki Maskx was a woman, but survival has never been anything more than a theatre of chance and exploitation. By meddling in affairs that are not actually hers, she twists the fates of others around her, resulting in some catastrophic consequences.



This woman, who had With sly wit and sophisticated design, Masks is an extraordinary work of art. No longer mere object, no longer prey. She is woman reborn, woman unveiled. The frosty exterior concealing a burning secret asphyxiating long nurtured desires with astound tranquillity. And women who are not capable have too strong a “spirit” not to achieve by sublimating themselves within a man are makss more than a worthy adversary.

The book was first published in and is translated from the Japanese. One woman, widowed, and her mother-in-law, play a twisted game of seduction and sex, using people for their own purposes, and using each other too.

The book has a controlled, gothic quality: Through Yasuko, Mieko controls the seduction of Ibuki Yasuko’s lover.