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I read it hoping to educate myself on the topic; what I came away feeling was derhsowitz this book was not intended for people new to the subject and that I should be looking elsewhere.

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You are on the side of those who supported Hitler’s Holocaustand now deny that it occured. Dershowitz’s writing is refreshingly clear, concise and like a logical scalpel.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Mar 06, Laura rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

My disagreements with Dershowitz are all pretty mild: May 21, Walter rated it did not like it. There were some accusations against Israel that even I thought were true, but turned out to be over shadowed by Palestinian and Arab actions. Aug 15, Jill Hutchinson rated it really liked it Shelves: Trivia About The Case for Israel. He starts off by stating the accusation, the accusers and quotes them, the reality, then the proof.

You are assisting those who are once again targeting babies, childrenwomen and the elderly just because they are Jewish. Anyone interested in isrsel affairs. Webster Introduction, some editions 5 copies Reversal of Fortune [ film] Original book 4 copies. You can examine and separate out names. Also, you state that it is based on lies bu I have read this book, and cannot understand ve you choose to label this as racist, as it clearly it not?

There are more than reviews already posted on this book, so I won’t repeat all allan details. He preys on the ignorance of well-meaning people who simply want israek be better informed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict aln who, sadly, will probably read nothing else on the subject.


The Case for Israel by Alan M. Dershowitz

And if you are a person of goodwillI am confident that you will no longer see this complex issue as one sidedly anti-Israel. I preferred the sections where Israel was defended on its own merits, as opposed to the tactic of pointing out how much worse other nations are and asking why are they primarily immune from criticism. defdsa

Sadly, this book is incredibly mendacious, based on little more than lies, distortions, and racism. I am still not one hundred percent certain I understand enough to firmly state my position, but at this point it seems to me that a sincere dershwitz must be pragmatic.

Is this fair or just? Douglas First Amendment Award DershowitzAlan M. Therefore, critics are hoping to change the way the Israeli govt conducts itself, not to say that Israel needs to be gone.

So why does Dershowitz act as if that is an argument that must be dealt with? He advocates for Israel allowing a Palestinian state by pulling out of the Gaza and the populated portions of the West Bank, retaining the unpopulated portions and a 7 mile buffer zone.

Simpson, and his first novel, timspalding. Just because many Palestinian propagandists do not care for historical facts, does not mean peaceful world citizens have to resign themselves to ignorance, as many propagandists wish they would.

On the other hand, something different is expected from Israelis. Moroever the nations that are defdsa these other underdog groups-ChinaTurkey and Russiaare far more powerful than tiny tiny Israelwith the population of approximately 5.

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View all 5 comments. Add to that the United Nations, the European community, the third world, the Vaticanmany influential academicsthe international leftthe far right and many Protestant churches. A laughably bad book.

These were more fun to read, although he should stop with the vacuous embellishments: There were some accusations against Israel that even I thought were true, but turned out to be over sh This book is good. I read it hoping to educate myself on the topic; what I came away feeling was that this book was not intended for people new to the subject and that I should I was disappointed by this book’s narrow agenda it proposes primarily to refute arguments rather than establish a more generic dialog and academic counterpunching.


While this book gave so 4 Stars Solid read that gave a lot of information about a topic that has always fascinated me. He avoids the straw man fallacy by quoting actual men e. Bristling with facts often not encountered before – the intimate affinity between WW2 Palestinian chief Mufti Hajj Al Amin and the Nazi high command, the massive differences between UNHCR and UNRWA, the fate of the ,s of Jewish refugees from Arab countries – it’s a pacy, sharp and definitive response to the tidal wave of anti-Zionism which is rapidly mutating into another species of anti-Semitism.

Nor can yopu continue to hide behind claims of ignorancebecause the facts are so easily available to anyone who wants to think for himself or herself. View all 4 comments. It’s sad to think that that most of the readers of this best-seller aren’t equipped to fact-check his details and to look up his citations.

Feb 02, Brad keil rated it really liked it. Highlights include Alan DershowitzNaomi Ragen, teen programs, a cooking panel, and a free family day. Israel has some of the most human rights friendly decisions from its Supreme Court in the past 15 years, restricting the right of Israeli soldiers to use any physical means to interrogate, destroy houses harboring terrorists, and strict rules of engagement.