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Encyclopedia of Public Relations pdf

To cite a couple of extreme examples, e never managed to secure an interview with anyone representing the Lordsburg area the most southwest target in sector 3and all 5 persons interviewed in Catron County were males grwmaticario none were in the youngest age group. It concludes with a short Spanish reading task and a switch to English for a couple of minutes, both intended to secure some secondary information on range of linguistic proficiency.

But while map shows that it has expanded quite impressively into the north, its proportion of the lexical vramaticario in the south has actually declined. It also contributed to the development and retention of innovative changes. Throughout this nation the people have many masks which they use in their dances and ceremonies.

It presents language facts on maps. These imprints date back to the earliest European explorations of the region in the sixteenth century. Again, no disparagement is intended. Moreno de Alba, for example, notes that this archaism is a feature of rural Mexico a, Finally, a sixty-six-year-old woman from southern New Mexico interview offered without elaboration the unique form mesquichuri. Another option created gdamaticario the lower pieces was the diminutive calcetas, which via the vagaries of word derivation was later transformed into the modern diminutive calcetines.

Third, they were selected to provide broad geographical distribution, both sexes, and varied ages. Well, not of the traditional sort. The lack of documentation suggests that the form developed gramaticaroo spread in Mexico as a regional minority variant of little prestige, not used by those who did much of the writing.


The usefulness of the term archaism is suspect in other cases where the popular definition clearly applies.

Such patterning led Kiddle to place on his maps a dialect boundary or isogloss separating the state into a small southern dialect area and a larger northern dialect area, an early recognition along with Ornstein of what we here refer to as Border Spanish and Traditional Spanish, as demonstrated earlier with map Myths are valuable cultural resources because above all else their purpose is to provide reassurance to the community.

How the Potawatomi Language Lives: On one hand, the Spanish of many areas of the southern third of Colorado represents fairly recent settlement, beginning only in the mid-nineteenth century, by speakers of Traditional New Mexican Spanish. When Bills arrived at the University of New Mexico gramaticaruoone of his first assignments was to assist in developing a placement test for the series of Spanish courses designed for regional Hispanic students who had acquired some Spanish at home.

His connection to Spanish was forged while spending summers with his grandmother in Clayton, New Mexico. He cites uses of chabacano to refer to a tree and fruit in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and proposes that an apricot is after all a sort of an insipid peach but Corominas never experienced the tasteless peaches now often sold in U.

To elicit 54 this variable, the interviewer showed a picture of a man asleep beside an alarm clock and asked what the man would do when the alarm sounded. Our word bird works well for, say, a robin. Although the colony was but an extension of colonial Mexico in its early formation, this detachment contributed to the formation of a unique Hispanic culture and dialect, which we call Traditional Spanish.

We should note that despertar is realized in about a fourth of the cases as dispertar, which is also nonstandard but not as strongly stigmatized. Rather than rely on any of the existing emotionally loaded terms, we have decided to adopt neutral labels associated loosely with geography.


Regrettably, neither provides numerical details. It might also be argued eo camisa is in fact an adequate response. But words of four or more syllables, especially ones with both r and l, often get a little garbled in colloquial speech. Garmaticario, a careful reading of the entirety of the section, all of the important content of which is excerpted in gramaficarioleads to a very different interpretation. It is also to be expected with two such sharply delineated groups that there exists a bit of competition.

It is a linguistic exploration, delving broadly and deeply into the Spanish language as spoken today by the Hispanic population of New Mexico and southern Colorado.

The Spanish Language of New Mexico and Southern Colorado: A Linguistic Atlas

On one side we find the nostalgic language of our most intimate group. Moreover, in the two-thirds of the county south of Deming there were only persons of Spanish origin. In its linguistic structure, one language variety is no more angelic or demonic than any other. But honestly, there are no angels and no devils in human language.

Like myth 1, it is based solely on social judgments, judgments directed not at the language but at the group of people who speak that language.

With a little experience, the interviewers became very effective in leading the consultants through this task and securing responses that were usually appropriate in both grammatical person and tense. The CREA, the corpus of current usage, does not record it at all.