Bernhard suele criticar Austria (su país) de una manera fulminante en lo que escribe, y Castellanos Moya hace lo mismo en este librito, pero de El Salvador. El Asco / The Disgust has 11 ratings and 1 review: Published September 25th by Literatura Random House, pages, Paperback. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San.

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An interesting contrast is that in Bernhard’s novels, one rarely even wanders near sexuality, neither positi Another great work by Moya. As has been observed, such vehement hatred goes more or less full circle and we may be sure that Moya delights in El Salvador as much as Bernhard did in Austria, both deeply wounded disappointed lovers. An incessant rant by a character named Edgardo Vega directed to, I suppose, anybody who might be listening, but in this case even more pointedly at the character Moya himself as receptor.

A note following the novella reveals as much: So many passages of this book would be worth quoting at length.

View all 7 comments. Its acid humor, like a Buster Keaton movie or a time bomb, threatens the hormonal stability of the idiots who, upon reading it, feel an irresistible urge to string the author up in the town square. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Lee Klein November 5, Not only did Vega hate the people, he hated the geography and the weather. B Mostly, I found myself thinking that I’d really rather just read Bernhard.


This is an early one, translated only recently. It is perfect that it is short.

Horacio Castellanos Moya – Wikipedia

When I first read that Moya received death threats, I thought it seemed kind of silly based on the rant-y content — not something to take so seriously, surely? This is an early one, translated only recently. Some of his other work bears the visible influence of Thomas Bernhard Senselessness especially but nowhere is it as clear here. This little book is great.

Horacio Castellanos Moya

As I was reading, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Aunque sea una imitacion y una muy precisa del estilo de Bernhard, me parece bastante original. Perhaps the greatest difference between the writers mentioned above and the writer Moya is that in this particular story there wasn’t castllanos mentioned of worth beholden to his country.

The problem for ascoo with this statement is that the fiction of my own good friend is often compared to Bernhard and whose words are constantly reminded of the great Austrian especially in his sometimes uniquely personal and intensely crazy rantings of his own.

But why the great powers of North America care about putting a bad light on El Salvador is beyond me.

I confess that voicing my own hatred and vitriol at times feels rather good and freeing, and is something I catellanos like to read of others doing in order to assuage or rid myself of my own personal misanthropic feelings for my fellow countrymen and certain obstacles in my path in realizing my innermost desires. What is surprising, and really kind of awesome, is that many of his colleagues apparently now would like him to write a sequel.

But there’s no point in speculating. It is also interesting to think that although asck Bernhard” is such a miserable and disagreeable character, he occasionally has some useful cultural critiques. Just try and name a book by Alan Sillitoe aftera man whose last book of fiction was published in Lee allowed me the opportunity moyw read this work before he found a publisher for it.


Do you want them to kill you?

El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya

The author received death threats on account of this book. Ines y la alegria Almudena Grandes. It’s not hard to believe that the author received death threats following the book’s publication. It is striking to me to note that Bernhard was beloved by his own country, and many prizes were bestowed on him castellanoss Bernhard also used against them. Still, for Moya, I’d start with Senselessness.

This is the third time I’ve read a novel claiming Bernhard lineage, and it’s probably the least successful of all.

El Asco / The Disgust

Dispatched from the UK in 15 business days When will my order arrive? He has also taught in the Writing Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Published September 25th by Literatura Random House first published El Salvador is not Austria. Psyched to see it made James Wood’s list of favorites for