Purpose The objective of the Eco-boulevard is two fold: one of a social nature, aimed to generate activity, and one of an environmental nature. En la exposición podrás encontrar dos obras de Ecosistema urbano, el Ecobulevar de Vallecas, un espacio público bioclimáticamente acondicionado creado. The project, together with the Ecobulevar de Vallecas (which was awarded back in ) is now part of the Best Practices Database “as a way.

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Assessment Praised by some, the surprising presence of the three bioclimatic pavilions in a proto-urban space, which is controversial enough in itself, has also provoked other reactions tinged with mistrust or scepticism. In the first case, where tall gushes are produced, water evaporation is limited and the playful atmosphere dominates the large plaza, but when short mist clouds are produced the evaporation rate of the water is greatly increased and a cooling effect is produced, although in Bordeaux climate conditions are quite mild, and hot days are limited to few occasions during summer the square is very popular.

Image courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano. September 26, Posted by: This and other sustainability projects like Ecopolis in Madrid speak to a shared sense of community responsibility and interaction. However, the young trees planted along the length of the boulevard will take another fifteen or twenty years to give the desired degree of shade and moisture. This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

They are constructed over metal scaffolding that provides support for five superimposed polygonal walkways.

Eco Boulevard in Vallecas – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

The speed at which they come to be does not allow for an according development of culture and social life. We honor Ecosistema Urbano particularly for their progressive ideas ecobulevad community participation.

Aunque ya lo hemos explicado en algun otro momento en el blog, hoy os lo recordamos. These two ideas are working together and reinforcing each vallceas, as the new bioclamtic environments allow for activity to take place in an otherwise harsh climate.

ecosistema urbano

The project takes place in one of the many poorly planned new suburbs that are springing up around the city of Madrid. Each one of the cylinders is made of two textile tubes, the exterior and reflexive one creates a protective layer for the inner cooling mechanism, the interior tube is the evaporative tower itself.


Ferrywomen are exclusive econulevar the maintenance and contain boxes with climbing plants which should cover the inner facing the central courtyard. Domingos y festivos de 11 a 14 h. Context, Concept The project takes place in one of the many poorly planned new suburbs that are springing up around the city of Madrid.

Approving or otherwise, the gaze of public opinion has been drawn to the Enscanche de Vallecas, which has started to take on its own specificity as a place on the map of Madrid.

December 11, Posted by: You can find more about the project on the www. Three such trees are deployed along the meters of the boulevard, with slightly different characteristics, to accommodate a vallecxs type of open endedness. This tower is a hi-tech interpretation of traditional ones, its size is greatly increased the highest windtower in Iran is 33m high and many design details are engineered improvements of the original windwoter concepts. Misting is instead widely used nowadays to lower temperatures both in buildings and open spaces.

The main innovation in the use of evaporation in this case is due to the form of vaolecas designed public space, because, as we already said, there is not much to innovate about the nozzles technology vaolecas. The second solution is to put a water source, if available, right under the shaft of the tower, a fountain or a small pool is used in this case, sensibly and evaporatively cooling down the entering wind.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although it was supposed to be completed in and is to be the site of 25, new homes, a considerable part of the Enscanche de Vallecas Vallecas Urban Extension still offers the bleak landscape of vallecae extensive, reticulated, developed but empty urban structure.

Raised four metres above the ground, they reach a height of some twenty metres in total with an external diameter of twenty-five metres and an internal radius of nine metres. Allow sufficient time, these devices must be removed, remaining old enclosures as clearings. The sustainability aspects are seen in several aspects: In the Sevilla EXPO this effect was widely used, large fountains and water basins were placed all around the EXPO along all the main paths and squares to increment climatic comfort, in some areas even vertical walls of water were designed to expose the visitors to an even more effective cooling device, but the most common strategy was the use of conventional fountains and mist nozzles integrated in the many green shading roofs.


Vaporizing water coming from the floor is a quite common and effective mean to condition large open spaces, the effect that everybody has noticed of a slight refreshment when passing by a fountain in a square or, even more, while staying close to a waterfall is due to the very same thermodynamic principle, the small drops of water that the are created when water breaks while falling to the ecobuoevar or splashing into more water dramatically increase the surface-area-to-volume ratio favoring a faster evaporationthe nebulized microscopic drops evaporate instantly causing a sudden temperature drop that can be magnified by the wind or other design inventions.

New technologies work to break down barriers which traditionally inhibited the full participation of community.

Eco Boulevard de Vallecas. Aim of the intervention Although the boulevard had been ecobuulevar and, with some difficulty, opened to the public inthe municipal housing company, EMV, called for entries in a competition for ideas on how to renovate it.

You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. The tunnel, being underground benefits both from the earth thermal inertia and from the humidity of the soil and at the end of the tunnel a fountain is placed to cool down even more the air.

ecobulevar | ecosistema urbano – Part 3

The user is invited to interact with the installation, crossing it and begin part of the fog it is producing, in this sense, this artwork can be easily assimilated to a public space generating a connection with the theme of this research.

Ecobulecar courtesy of theredilist.

Assembly phase of Madrid Chairs. Water deposit cooled with badgirs in the Yazd desert, in Iran.