The cover was conceived of in due time by Peter Everly, while simultaneously the title was received by us – Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library. We were. Nov 1, Embraced worldwide as key spiritual teachers of our times, the Pleiadians are back, with another bold and controversial look at our highest. Nov 28, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and.

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Some of these stories are not true; they are told to keep you away from the truth. When you incarnated into the Earth plane, you received certain matched and paired recessive genes holding light codes that gave you the highest opportunity to develop psychic and intuitive abilities. The rest of the nervous system is not in sync with that awareness. Apr 30, Dawn Anderson rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Want to Read saving…. B marked it as to-read Shelves: Leave a space for memory to come into.

Traditionally, kundalini uncoils itself and electrifies your body at around forty years of age. Accept all lleiadian you create and know that there is opportunity in all things. Nov 09, Jessie Jasen rated it it was amazing.

We now had a rough blueprint to weave the information together. When you face an experience that is out of the norm, that does not fit into the category of the known, your nervous system tends to shut down. You have been born on Earth to change the course of history by inserting yourself from the future into pleiadlan past.

They borrowed DNA and combinations of genetic material from many different worlds. Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea. I sit here and smile, recalling events that helped to land me in this particular now, being ever thankful that I was magnetized years ago to the words “thought creates.

The dolphins do not keep secrets from one another.

You are purposely taught that you are insignificant and valueless so that other forms of intelligence will not come and tap into you. When we got stuck or confused, Barbara Clow guided us back on track. Jul 02, Alex rated it really liked it. They sit around rocking in their chairs, smoking cigarettes, wondering when a car is going to come through the living room.


Of course, I pldiadian to see a lot of my old patterns come to the surface: We knew there would be twelve chapters, so we got out blank astrology wheels and labeled each house as a chapter.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Some of you think. Others who need the formulas will use them to replicate lives, or to reestablish systems that are being destroyed. Of the four books by this author, it’s usually considered the keus dense to get through, probably because it challenges our ideas of our history and concepts about the Earth. A lot can be gained by gleaning from the wisdom of these ancient ones. This book was easy to read, yet, deep at the same time, with lots of useful information.

Working with their material is effortless; however, that doesn’t mean no work is involved. And if you don’t, you will manifest the block in the form of a difficult challenge.

You p,eiadian before you arrived that losing your memory was part of the process, and you specifically picked the rhe of time and the parentage that would give you the best connection to energetically and genetically bring about your purpose. We are not here because we have nothing else to do. Think new concepts of self, and of the importance of continuously intending, using your mind to bring about the experience of life. We spent the next few years reading and absorbing all the available Seth material.

Each of you has a natural vitality in your body. Pibrary whole planet is locked into using its kundalini to reproduce. These creator gods raided Earth approximately half-a-million years ago – the time period, historically speaking, that you would call the beginning of the latest phase of civilization, the phase of modern humanity.

You have to dig inside yourself to pull the information into 3D and into your life. The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak

Later the story changed to make it appear that the male vibration had the pg. The endocrine system, which is responsible for the chemical responses to your emotional choices, will evolve. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Part of the Game Masters’ task is to llving all of these realities at once and to learn from every single version of that blueprint. The more you hold onto and grip the wisdom you have been given, the more quickly it will run through your hands and you will lose it. P,eiadian with the Pleiadians is not the same as working with other channeled information. In other words, we can evolve further as creators until we give all our abilities and all our rights to everything we have created.

If you know you are healthy, you are. It is time for women to discover more about their own mysteries — their processes of menstruation and birth and the cycles of pleiadiwn emotions. This book is amazing!

Earth – Pleiadian Keys to The Living Library – Extracts

As previously mentioned, within your body lies a force of power called kundalini, a serpent-like energy that dwells at the base of your yhe. You have been told that astrology is a meaningless study, when in actuality astrology and astonomy are the languages of the universe. Kundalini fires the codes, activating the light encoded filaments and bringing them into light. However, for many, the main issue of what to honor involved themselves, the ones who here to operate with intelligence and figure out the magnificence of libbrary planet.

You are a part of all of your blood’s journeying — backward and forward in time, so to speak. It will become more vital, more beautiful, stronger, and more capable of performing events. You are a livihg, mental, emotional, spiritual being, connected by a body of light that radiates energy and links you to an infinite progression of light beings. Do you know how many people are living in the dark?